I have been making videos since my time in college 20 years ago. It has become a favourite activity of mine and given the chance I will pop out the camera and begin to record this or that. Perhaps it was to do with my occupation as Archivist to the Findhorn Foundation, though it started long before that.

This was a small part of a conversation with Ali Gökmen I recorded at Lilleoru, Estonia in 2018.

Ecosystems destroyed with understanding the basic principles involved.

Here are a few shots of Dolphins in the Moray Firth.

Short but sweet, sweet memories.

I had to good fortune to meet Albert Bates last year at the Gen Europe Conference in Estonia. Talking with Albert was an inspiration and I decided to record him. Here is an extract of a much longer conversation.

Albert talks about the positive uses of Carbon in the form of Biochar, an ancient fertilizer used by Amazonian farmers for several thousand years.

Albert Bates amidst building activities