The Ancient traditions of the Greeks and Hindus acknowledge Consciousness as the source of all. Nor are they alone. Among those philosophies and cosmologies which consider consciousness, it is recognised that this is the beginning, not the end of Creation This is in direct opposition to the modern opinion of science. That is not to say that science is not itself moving towards that perspective, but still the implications of such a condition are not being taken on board and broadly publicised.

While the Hindu approach is of SatChidAnanda, Being, Consciousness, Bliss as three equal and impartible conditions the Greeks do not make such a statement so boldly. Yet the implication is there in the understanding that The One, as source of All, contains within Itself the conditions which later express in manifestation. Thus if Consciousness is present in Creation – we may wonder if it is with the world in this state – it must have been present in The One for it to come forth in manifest forms. And not only to have been at some former stage but must be, as an ongoing condition.

For Sir George Trevelyan the condition was clear ‘The Universe is shot through with Living Thought’, was an expression he used. What a tremendous vision. The Universe, far from being empty Space and a wasteland between the occasional Solar or Stellar body, becomes Itself, a Living Being, truly the Mind of God in Action. Every breath that we take is thus filled with Conscious awareness which only our own lack of apprehension causes us to take for granted and not perceive.

Thoughts, according to Byron Katie, have a life of their own and use us to perpetuate their existence. They strike us and move on. We do not originate thoughts she argues. Forgive me Bryron if I have not fully grasped your contention, my purpose is not to argue the point but to demonstrate that it is possible for thoughts to collide with minds. The origins of those thoughts we may argue.

The Universe as a vibrant Living thing. Wonderful. Just as is argued now that the Earth is a Living Vibrant Being, Herself undergoing a great initiation to which we, as human beings are only witnesses, not agents of. It is not we who are changing the Earth but the Earth who is changing and bringing us, dragging and screaming it seems, along with her. This is not to support, nor deny, the despoiling of the Earth which is leading to climatic and environmental dangers.

What is significant in this is that as She is dragging humanity into a greater state of awareness, so too She is drawing every creature, plant and living thing upon Her. Nor can we ignore the rocks as living beings, simply because they are older than we are. This makes our agricultural practices of mass confinement and cruelty not only barbaric but utterly devastating to those creatures who, awakening to the new world She is manifesting find themselves unable to express even friendship towards their own, Love towards their children or to enjoy laughter and play which is the natural condition of every young thing. Watch lambs at play in the fields and tell me they are not having fun.

It is essential from this perspective that we begin to extend respect towards those creatures, cease from this endless bloody feast, whose lives we take to produce our face creams and whey drinks not to mention the endless array of Chicken ready meals that litter the shelves (and out of date waste bins).

While we have no humanity towards our fellows on this planet we will find our society enters into greater and greater turmoil and more and more bitter struggles with itself.

So let’s start manifesting Consciousness and stop claiming it for ourselves alone.