I have in the interim written and published a number of small books on the following topics. These are all available from Amazon Kindle.

Archiving and Record Keeping

The Archivist; deals with the problems and techniques of starting a digital Archive record. Based on 10 years experience at the Findhorn Foundation as Archivist this work explores a number of different methods of keeping digital records of meetings and conferences. It includes sections on editing Audio and Video for digital consumption, as well as written records and creating PDF files for public access. In addition to these practical aspects the question of sources and material is also explored in depth.

From Local to Global awareness

Coming Home: A Study in Cycles; looks at the role of the Earth in the Cosmos and how changes in her role affect the human race. The study includes new insights into the history of the Earth and the changing role she has played as reflected in human activity and awareness. For anyone interested in gaining a greater insight into their own role in the changing awareness in humanity, this work will prove a valuable source of inspiration.


Sacred number: A Study in Relationship; the basis of Sacred Geometry this work explores the unchanging relationships between Numbers and their nature. Based largely on the work of Thomas Taylor, the Platonist, this study introduces the reader to a new way of looking at Numbers, following the insights of the Ancient Greek philosophers. It is not a study in Numerology, nor Kabbala though both of these are considered incidentally. Rather it is an introduction to the way numbers were understood in the Classical world that gave rise to the statement that ‘all the world is governed by numbers’.

Thoughts on Time

On Time and Consciousness: Studies relationship of Consciousness to Time reviewing Time as considered from a Platonic and Kashmir Shaivite perspective. Also demonstrates the paucity of serious thought on Time among modern scientists.