Planetary Meditation

This meditation dropped into my head in 1979.

In 20 minutes the entire scheme was unfolded as I was carried on the journey represented in the PDF attached here.

I began with a simple technique I had been shown by a Sufi friend of mine. Turning my attention inwards I allowed the focus of my awareness to move down to the heart centre.

With branches of a cross unfolding from my heart reaching out into the room around me, touching the walls, the floor and the ceiling.

Reaching wider into the neighbourhood, rising above the house, I saw the coastline beneath me, the lateral branches reaching out around the world until I held the entire globe in my awareness.

Having embraced the world I was able to allow my awareness to move to the heart of the Earth.

From that vantage, awareness expanded, reaching out past the Moon to embrace the neighbouring worlds of Mars and Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, Saturn and the Sun.

Balancing in the plane of the Solar System my awareness was moved to heart of the Sun.

From here I gazed out across the plane of the Solar system to the furthest planets.

My attention was directed to a distant star shining at an angle of around 50 degrees above the plane and slightly to my left.

As I approached the light I was suddenly transferred to the surface of the ‘Red Giant’. I stood and walked in a fiery body. This was called a Cosmos.

The journey continued moving from the surface of the red giant towards an energetic centre that had no physical body.

I identified this as Sirius, and the seat of the ‘Head of the Hierarchy’ of our system. It was called a Nebula.

Around that centre a number of Red Giant Cosmoi revolved together. This was shown to be our Sector of the Galaxy.

From here the journey continued to the heart of the Galaxy, lifting high above the Galactic Ocean, while a shadow passed beneath the ocean.

The two aspects of myself moved together over the centre of the magnetic field of the Galaxy, like Spirit and Shadow, or Christ and Lucifer, as the two moved together to form one body. Then I was able to move freely again, looking out.

From the centre of the Galaxy I was able to look back to the Nebula. It appeared as a hole in the surface of the Ocean.

Though that centre on my return I moved below the Ocean surface, stepping inside our Cosmos and seeing the sister star systems, called the Pleiades, on my return to the Sun and thence to the Earth, and to my room.


Through many years of reflecting on this revelation much insight has been gained into the subtle workings of our system. Not least being that the Galaxy serves as the template for the cell.

Thanks to internet subscribers for the images used, where appropriate.

Please feel free to download the document for deeper contemplation on this view of our system home.