Wax Paintings

When I lived in Llandrindod Wells in the early 1990s I had a friend called Bui who showed me this technique of wax painting. I made a few nice abstract pieces.

Suddenly in 2024, just after my birthday, I had the inspiration to explore it again. Here are a few of the results

Many of the images remind me of mountainscapes. Some alien landscapes.

Sadly scanning does not accurately reflect the colours, for example the blues in the above picture should be green. representing some form of forest or greenery.

I called this Landscape with sea under turbulent skies.

Alien Landscape.

River Lake Mountains.

I find the Black card very effective with metallic waxes. I should also like to give a shout out to Barry Moulton wh has been instrumental in helping me develop my skills by prividing me with colections of waxes as well as giving me hints both verbally and in his helpsheets generously provided. You can find out more about him at his website – https://www.waxes.co.uk/about.htm

Thanks Bui and Barry.