Digital Painting

I am not skilled in painting but have managed to create one or two pictures I am pleased with.

Here is one of our Cat, dear Aladdin, befoe he died so sadly a year or so ago. I had not realised how much of a presence this soul had been in our household until about 3 days after he died I felt his energy withdraw.

And another as he sat on mum’s knees.

And again in his basket, sleeping.

A golden Dawn in 2022. We have several ravens living nearby.

Most of the images have been created in Corel Painter. I do encourage anyone wanting to explore this medium to try Corel Painter Essentials, which is available at very reasonable prices for the power of the software.

It has a beautiful mirror function that can be set to a variety of angles, giving lovely mandalas easily.

I like trees. They don’t move about.