Music 2024

Already into May but one or two pieces over the course of Winter and Spring.

This is a splendid piece, not mine, just my arrangement. Everyone knows it as the Cancan. It is taken from Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach. I am grateful to the editor of the midi file who has left his signature, though I could find no name, in the Marseillaise at the end of the piece. Sadly losing the majestic descending march of the brass that Offenbach wrote.

This second version is my adaptation including the introduction of the Aztec Death whistle and sundry other otherworldly noises. Hope you can enjoy it and dont find it to be nothing more than abuse of a splendid piece of music.

Here is a version of Bob Dylan’s prophetic song written in 1963. He was yet to see the unfolding of the events contained in the song that all have witnessed in the last 60 years.

Here is another prophetic song of Bob Dylan from the 1960s. Why prophetic? It must be understood that all my life I have been waiting for the end of our years of trial. One description spoke of a new etheric planet that would replace the old worn out one. For me this is the ship. But more than this there is the whole episode of the UFOs. As we return to the Galaxy, from which we have been estranged for so long, an entirely new civilisation awaits us. We watch as the old order on Earth struggles to keep itself alive but the time has come. The Ship has landed.

This next track is a lovely song by the Beatles from my youth. It echoes the wisdom of Akhenaton that the Sun is the source of all good on the Earth. An insight that scientists have yet to grasp. They say life began in the ocean, but in truth without the Sun there would be no Life on Earth. Thanks go to D.W. Barnes for the midi transcript.