Music 2022

I have created various bits and pieces this year but mostly been playing with midi files lately. Here is the result of such playing.

I have been playing with midi files I found on the web. I chose a lot of Beach Boys as they had been influential in my youth, awakening me to the idea of Good vibrations spreading between us. I wouldn’t say I followed them, they were part of the colour of my youth along with Donovan, the Who, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, the Kinks and all the rest. Not to mention the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. But I do feel that Brian Wilson is probably one of the least recognised of musical geniuses from that era. He added colour and joy to the 60s and is definitely one not to be missed. The idea came to create a homage to Brian Wilson. This was the result of a few days work in August 2022.

I am indebted to the many contributors for the original Midi footage used. I hope you will enjoy the result and that it is worthy of this great man.

Homage to Brian Wilson

A Tribute To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Queen of Scots

This began with two songs I identify with Mary Queen of Scots, dubbed the Faerie Queen. It has grown. I am grateful to the contributors of the original midi renditions I have used for the songs, though the orchestrations are my own. I am especially grateful to the Pipers of the World for such a heart felt performance of Amazing Grace.

Now, following the loss of Her Majesty, many epithets are given to her. Elizabeth the Great, a truly deserved title in view of her role in the world. Not least Elizabeth, Queen of Scots. It is a very personal tribute to a wonderful woman and someone I, along with many others, felt very close to. Such an example to us all of a life lived in service. Exemplary. (See my Blog entries ‘An Exemplary Life and End of an Era)

I have taken the liberty to change the words a little to the Flower of Scotland to be more fitting for the occasion ‘Oh Flower of Scotland, when will we see your like again, who fought and died for your wee bit hill and glen and stood against them the tyrant armies and sent them homeward to think again.’