Music 2020

This is a holding page to carry some of the tunes I have been playing with lately. Mostly sampled stuff as I don’t have a means to record cleanly at the moment.

This one I put together in February 2020. The title came after I listened to it.

Travellin Underground

This next one was a birthday present to a dear Friend

Birthday Bonanza

Here is another. All of these were arranged in February or March 2020. I make no claims to originality in these pieces, only as far as the order in which they are assembled. I don’t even suggest that i am particularly gifted, but i know what sounds (relatively) sweet to my ear.

This is called after the genre Acid jazz Funk.

Another from the same stable.


I don’t like using MP3s to begin with, the sound deteriorates so much. But it seems the website also compresses the files so these sound rougher than they otherwise would. For those who appreciate the delicacy and subtlety of the ear and of music nuances i do apologise for what passes as acceptable these days. If you would like to hear original versions of these tracks drop me a line.

Here are a couple more. the first Jungle Trumpets was built some time back March maybe.

Jungle Trumpets

This second one arrives closer at what I have been aiming for. I completed this on 20th April 2020

Lazy Sun Daze