Music 2021

I have added this page though as yet I have only one new piece to add.

In between writing I have been playing with some midi files I downloaded from the web. Most of them are anonymous so I cannot acknowledge the hard work the authors put into providing this service for us. However I have to thank Gary Rogers for the basis of the following Christmas Medley.

I have dedicated it to Charlie Watts.

Hope you enjoy it.

Christmas Medley for Charlie

This little song has been going round me my head all morning. Yam is the sound of the heart chakra.

Heart of the Universe – a mantra

I have been reading ‘What The Bee Knows’ by PL Travers – who created Mary Poppins. A fascinating collection of reminiscences and reflections on myth and life in general. Thoroughly recommend it if these things interest you. I recorded this essay on Death from her titled ‘Fear No More The Heat Of The Sun’. Its about 18 minutes long. Hope you can get something from it as well.

Fear no more – Alto Mega Kuhl

Another one from PL Travers – this time mostly drawn from Greek Mythology. I am not familiar with all the tales though they are familiar enough. This one is longer, 29 minutes. I have added some background tracks recorded mostly using Kontakt. I trust they are not intrusive

5 Women – PL Travers
with background music by Alto Mega Kuhl

I had a conversation the other day when the declaration of ‘scientific proof’ was raised as an argument. I did not say that science does what business tells it. But did suggest it was selective about what it investigated. My own view is that the Universe, like Time, its first child, is subjective. Hope you enjoy this reflection.

The Universe Objected.

Education is geared towards the workplace. We are taught as children to use the mind in a manner that will be useful to our bosses. Sitting in class from 9 to 3 or 4.30. Memorizing facts and tables so that when the moment comes we can rattle off the latest statistics for the season or quarter on demand. The mind is capable of so much more. what does it matter what you or I think? Life on this planet is a wonder and goes on without any of our opinions pushing it into this or that niche. But for the academic struggling to make a name for him or herself to get ahead in the world the emphasis rests on proof. This lies at the heart of imperialism and colonisation by whatever dogma. To impose one’s ideas on another – individual or nation – to me is an act of aggression and in short of rape. Hence the little tune above. Here was another that came to me as a reflection on academic debate, unfolding the genius of Charles Lutwidge Dogdson yet further for me.

Tweedledum to Tweedledee

The upshot being, for me, this song that came at 2.45 am on 17th August.

You’ve got to

I recently added the East asia collection to my Kontakt Library. Here’s my first experiment messing around with Soundtoys to add depth and a couple of melodies in conflict with one another and a hand driven drum track.

Chinese Melody