The Franks

Those of you who follow my thinking will understand that I am of the opinion that Europe was colonised from the East. Not simply by massive hordes rushing across the steppes on their horses slaughtering all in sight, but also by a more subtle approach, that of the trader. Now we can spend time considering that the word trader sounds very like the word traitor, but that is not what I wish to share today. Greeks bearing gifts and all that. No.

There was an area which from long ago was the hub of civilisation. The Mediterranean has been called the cradle of civilisation but that is only a recent blip in comparison with the area ‘between two rivers’ that I hold as foundational to all that Egypt and Europe hold. Where it received its inspiration from we can consider elsewhere.

I belive this area has two significant names. The first is that of Per-sia, the other Arcadia, though I think this latter is later.

From the Per-lands I derive not only Pears, but also Fairs. As well as Ber and Mer, as in Berbers, Barbarians, and Seas and mares and Maries. These were the traders who arrived on ships and slid up the rivers colonising and trading with the native people bringing exotic things like enamelled brooches, bowls, daggers and other metallic objects, also poetry and exotic foodstuffs – sesame, anchovies and olives and who knows dates and maybe even bananas.

They established settlements on the banks, small enclosed areas, we call them ‘parishes’, where they declared their law to be sacrosanct and since it applied to their own kind, as well as those who visited, they were seen to offer an even-handed justice to all, and so gave rise to the notion of fair-ness. These were the Fair people, the Fir Bolg of Irish telling.

These were the same people that gave their name to Paris, as the Parisii of Roman times, and were these not the same Pharisees we hear of in that ancient text the Bible? Not that I wish to make any claims of authority for that record over and above others.

They brought with them their anchors, crosses of metal that had a huge ring at the top and gave rise to the symbol of resurrection, the Ankh in Egypt.

These were the Per-anks, or Fer-anks. Pranksters and tricksters, but open and honest withal. The Franks of later times who settled in those river estuaries and brought trade to the land and with it Law and Justice. Who conquered the Land we now call France after them with Charlemagne and his crew, Fair Roland and all that ilk. So at least my reason and recall assure me. Perhaps yours have other ideas. I would love to hear them.