Apollonian Tradition

I have chosen this title as it carries with it a special significance for me. My dance Master Bernhard Wosien passed on the teachings of that tradition to us as he shared the dances of Greece and the science and language of Dance.

In this section I have placed all the articles on the Bacchic and Eleusinian Mysteries as well as more detailed studies of particular aspects or Gods from within the Tradition.

Much of the material was received from Bernhard Wosien, as well as personal studies of my own including the works of Thomas Taylor published by the Prometheus Trust, the works of Karl Kerenyi and other Classical studies.

It is interesting to note the difference between those who are living the tradition and those who study it from an academic perspective alone. When it is embraced as a living phoilosophy and religion it has quite a different tone to the remnants studied by Classicists who may be more knowledgeable on ancient Greek language but frequently have little insight into the spiritual life.