The Forests of Radnor and Montgomery

I had the good fortune to travel a road I had not taken for many years. It was familiar to me from my journeys to college in 1995 and I remembered the joy I felt at passing through these woodlands every day. I sent them my joy and my prayer that they may long flourish. The hillsides are too steep for agricultural land, so the trees have grown freely there since before the plough was invented. You cannot replace history, nor replicate the depth of feeling that is carried in an ancient wood. I was grateful that a broken tooth had sent me this way to Newtown and the dentist. There is no other word for it. Gratitude. It was what I felt and what I shared with those trees as they stood guardians over our roads that gasp out fumes and stinking trails. Mine no less than any other.

I was surprised and humbled when, later in the afternoon at home now watching the delayed UEFA cup, a presence approached and thanked me for my prayers. She was a white lady, though I could not see her clearly, she reminded me of my friend from the Rock Park. I asked if she was she but knew at once it was not that being but another of her ilk. What can one say of the feeling that is shared by one so tender and so immaterial, in the best sense of that word, not obsessed with chasing money, goods or property? She came to me! It was indeed a surprise and I was privileged and swift enough to withhold the dismissive response that rose initially, as I recognised in time who and what it was she was. So easy to brush aside such a one. And though I speak of her as in the past, it is only the contact that is in the past, for she most certainly is, and as easy for me to engage with her now as it was when she visited. Once having met, never forgotten.

I became aware of her again this morning, asking if I would help to defend the forests that lie along the road. I write this now in response and pray that the pleading may be heard by those in a position to ensure the trees remain untouched.

It was my role, when once in Findhorn I was working, to defend the trees of Randolph’s Leap, a beauty spot and attraction to many visitors each year. I was appalled when on occasion I visited to find the track down to the river a deeply gouged mud patch where huge vehicles had passed and then to see still further down where trees had been removed. The men were there and when I asked if they had spoken with the elementals and elves that lived in those woods and visited frequently, they looked at me as if I was crazy. They explained it was okay, they were ecologists and tree surgeons, and were working to remove the invasive species of trees, thinning them out to give the native trees a chance to breathe. I only saw deeply ignorant kids with tractors to play around on. Unaware that trees like to live close together to protect each other against the wind. I wondered then what they taught them at college, and wonder still. It is no more than economics. How to make a profitable income, no thought of land or lives that live there. Why should we consider them? They do not pay our wages. I was grateful that the stewards of that place heeded my call, for, when next I visited, the work had ended and the trees, which had stood shivering in their plight were given the chance to relax again. There is no sound more fearful in all nature than the petrol driven chain saw and the diesel mining machine.

Nature Wags Her Finger

Tut-tutting all the way.

For those who are slow on the uptake Nature has waved Her finger at us. For me the first obvious sign was when the geese brought down the aeroplane in New York Harbour. People thought that was a freak accident, just one of those things that happens. For me I saw clearly that the geese had sacrificed themselves for the sake of life on this planet.

It was not the first time I had seen such a sacrifice on the part of the other lives we share our world with. The seals and reindeer had eaten up the irradiated lichen from the rocks after Chernobyl. But who would credit the geese as being so selfless as to sacrifice some of their number to point out that we are ruining the world for all? As if the geese have not been sacrificing themselves to our grosser appetites for many millennia already.

All I heard from the press was what a marvellous MAN to bring that plane down without loss of life. Then I watched the film Scully and saw the industry’s reaction to sheer bravery and wisdom in action.

So what’s next. We have been sacrificing the forests like there is no tomorrow – which is quite likely if we pursue this dire course of action. So the Earth showed us what life would be like and razed a few forests Herself over summers, one fire after another. Still humanity chose to ignore the situation and continued to strip the remaining forests, our oxygenators, from the soil.

Still deaf and stupid the humans continued to whizz about the planet heedless of any lessons coming from outside. So She hit us next with a disease which robs the body of oxygen. Have you got the lesson yet?

What next might She show us? That we cannot live without water? Industry is creating deserts, in Chile if nowhere else, with its gross pollution and over-use of the remaining water supply. We do nothing to slow the speed of our technological growth down and in doing so increase the heating of the world by irradiating the planetary magnetic fields which have kept us safe for our whole evolution. We are micro-waving ourselves and the first to feel it are the young of the insect realm.

Rush on you idiot species, Life will remain on the planet, but you may not be invited to the party.

Oxygen, Breath and Stupidity

Oxygen we know is a heavier gas. Mountaineers know this when they climb above 5000 metres, breathing gets hard – because the Oxygen level is lower at these greater heights. To combat this people living at these heights, in the Andes or the Himalayas, have increased lung capacity to allow the lower levels of Oxygen to be more effectively absorbed. Oxygen is regularly carried on expeditions that invade these greater heights.

Carbon Dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases, is heavier still than Oxygen, which makes sense when we consider the make up of the two molecules. An Oxygen molecule is written as O2 ,while a Carbon Dioxide molecule is written as CO2 , meaning that besides the two Oxygen atoms there is also a Carbon atom combined with them. Carbon Monoxide is another heavier than Oxygen molecule even though this only combines one Oxygen atom in the molecule. This is the lethal gas which causes poisoning in humans. It does so by using up the Oxygen the body needs to survive, to create the more stable Carbon Dioxide molecule, thereby preventing the body from metabolising its processes which in turn would produce Carbon Dioxide, but do so while maintaining the life of the organism.

The Oxygen in the atmosphere is generated from two primary sources – the plankton of the oceans and the forests. Both of these sources are under dire threat. The plankton are being starved of the resources they need for their own processes by the oil slick covering the oceans through excessive use of oil-driven traffic.

The plight of the forests worldwide hardly needs mention so loud has been the protest across the globe for many years. However it is worth mentioning that the Siberian forests have taken centuries to grow to the small height the trees have attained. In comparison to the temperate or tropical forests these trees grow at an extremely slow rate. This means it will take centuries for the forests to become re-established should they ever be allowed to do so. At the same time the tropical forests are being plundered at a disheartening rate to produce cheap beef for burger companies the world over. As we know Beef production also releases vast quantities of methane – one of the by-products of which is Carbon Monoxide.

From the devastation of the forests we have a double whammy hitting our air supply. Firstly the trees are no longer producing the Oxygen we need to breathe, and secondly they are being replaced by a product which is dangerous in the extreme, not simply in terms of cancer-producing meats, but also in the release of a toxic gas in place of Oxygen.

The human race has been plagued with a pandemic through this last year which limits the breathing capacity of the sufferers. India alone is unable to provide the Oxygen needed for its population which is suffering with the biggest outbreak of the disease reported to date. Nature is fighting back.

But what does all this mean to the investor seeing his profits mounting daily and wishing to increase them? In the simplest of terms it means that he or she has no concern for the well-being of their children and grandchildren since the Oxygen which is being used up currently is depleting the supply available for the future. We are breathing tomorrow’s (our children’s) air, and using up the precious supply of Oxygen which will slowly slide down the mountain sides as the air becomes more and more rarified at these greater heights, until there is only a thin layer in which Oxygen prevails above the Carboniferous gases. These poisonous gases will fill the lowest areas, and the heights will have no Oxygen present as having been converted to Carbon Dioxide by the increasingly breathless population of the coming decades.

Since the investor in deforestation today is likely to form part of the generation of tomorrow this is indeed a short-sighted policy to pursue.

The Sky for the Heavens

I recently had the onerous duty of editing a page in Wikipedia. It was the page on Tethys which read

“Tethys was one of the Titan offspring of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth).”

and after my edit reads

“Tethys was one of the Titan offspring of Uranus (the Starry Heavens) and Gaia (Earth).”

I wonder if it will stand.

So far removed from Nature have we become that, since the days of Hesiod(c. 800 BCE) , we cannot distinguish between the Heavens and the Sky.

In Classical Greece they spoke of Earth-rise, where we speak of sunset. In the setting of the Sun Night draws the Heavens across the world. By calling it Earth Rise they acknowledged that it was the shadow of the Earth which revealed the Heavens.

This may seem a minor point to some but for me it masks something far deeper. The ego-centricity of the human race is replicated in the Solar dominion we now live under. Instead of saying the Earth is the centre (Geo-centricity) of the universe we now say that the Sun is the centre around which the rest of the Solar System revolves. We believe in saying this we have removed the onus from ourselves and are placing the Sun (formerly God) at the centre, failing to realise that what we are saying actually is ‘we recognise the Sun as the centre etc’. But by eradicating the Heavens and coalescing them into the Sky we repeat the same error that lead some to call themselves ‘human beings’ while others call themselves the ‘chosen people’.

By using the term Earth rise we acknowledge that Sunrise brings a change, and in this the Sky is revealed even as the Heavens are lost to view. They are not eradicated because, sure enough, next evening as the shadow of the Earth rises the Heavens stand unveiled once again.

We have forgotten that the Sun gives rise to the Sky, even, as I maintain, the Sun is the source of Life on this planet. To confound Sky with Heavens represents not only the mistranslation of a word – even though cited as Heavens in the article referenced – but also a fundamental lack of insight into the world in which we live. It is not surprising that some moderns sneer at primitives with their ignorant superstitions. It is, in fact, the moderns who have failed to grasp the reality of the world they themselves are living in, which the ancients portrayed so accurately for us all.

April 25th 2021

Covid- Respiratory Reflections

I find it significant that Covid should be a respiratory disease in which people struggle to get sufficient Oxygen into their lungs to absorb into the bloodstream. It must feel like drowning. Now, we hear, India is running out of beds and respirators for its population. We can expect the illness to strip through that population and additionally to transmute into a catalogue of variants in the process. Other concentrations of population, such as Brazil and China, can also expect a similar increase I would suggest. Brazil we know is already experiencing that, but China keeps its mouth closed on the matter. At least as far as I am aware.

One scrap of good news, momentous in its power, was received today however , when the former police officer responsible for the death of George Floyd was found guilty of murder on two counts and manslaughter on a third. Quite how it is possible to be guilty for murder and manslaughter from the death of a single person remains one of the mysteries of the American judicial system. To me at least. Nevertheless I am pleased to see that justice has been done in this instance. Though quite what the sentence will be might alleviate some of that relief. The deed – filmed by local people and published around the world – was callous and cynical. The man deserves the maximum sentence available in that state, in my opinion. However this is cause for celebration after centuries of injustice towards black men at last a realistic decision has been reached. It heralds a new day for justice, not only in that state and nation, but in the world as well.

In the fight for Life on this planet Justice lies at the heart of the problem. Justice not only for people but also for the other species we share this world with. Which brings me back to Covid.

With the destruction of the oceans – through constant dragging of polluting craft across them, leaving deposits of oil and slick on the surface – goes the depletion of Oxygen in the atmosphere. The plankton were the original causes of an oxygen rich atmosphere. This allowed the other more complex life forms to develop. Without the plankton there would be no oxygen to breathe. Let me repeat that – without plankton there will be no oxygen to breathe.

When we add to that the decimation of forests at an alarming rate right across the planet from over harvesting, we realise that we are cutting our own throats and removing the very air we breathe for the sake of what? Commerce and profit? Airs and graces? Pomp and circumstance? So that we may have a prestigious desk of teak in the office, or another acre of palm oil to sell to already overweight populations in wealthy countries?

Global trade has proven disastrous for the human race and, to help us understand, over the last few years the Earth herself has retaliated with ravaging fires in all parts of the world, from arctic forests to the Australian bush. Added to that, we discover that the vast forests of north-western America are being destroyed by a beetle that needs to be controlled by colder winters.

Children all around the world are being encouraged to plant trees. A wonderful initiative. Until we discover that trees do not reduce carbon in the atmosphere for the first 30 years of their lives. Only thereafter do they begin to help the carbon reduction so widely spoken on. But will there be sufficient oxygen for those children who are planting the trees to reach the age of 30?

So what’s to do?

Firstly let us find the cause of the rapid overheating of the globe. Suggesting it is only due to emissions and that ‘the people are responsible by driving old cars’ is ducking the issue. To my mind far more devastating than this is the fact that we are happily microwaving the atmosphere. Not a popular thing to say I know but then popularity was never my first concern.

We are not exploring the Earth, we are ravishing Her. Instead of discovering what the subtle etheric fields – the electro-magnetic fields – of the Earth are and how they operate to sustain Life on Earth, we are rushing headlong into technologies which are already known to be damaging.

Isn’t it time to wake up?

I think so.

Holograms in Space

According to an astro-physicist on tv the other day a new sub-atomic particle has been discovered which causes a radical review of our view of the universe. Now, it is being proposed, the universe appears to be a hologram. I am not an astro-physicist but I have said for many years now that the Sun revolves, with its sister stars, around a centre we call a Cosmos. I use the plural form ‘we’ since I was taught this by others. That Cosmos, which is known to us as the Pleiades, revolves around a greater centre called a Nebula, or series of star clusters (Cosmoi), which in turn floats in the Galactic sea.

As we look out at the night sky it is suggested, from this scheme, that what we are looking at is the universe reflected through a series of ‘lenses’ or, better perhaps, surfaces, which themselves reflect the universe from their level of expression.

Could this be the hologram the scientist was speaking about?

Consider how light is refracted and reflected as it passes into and through water. Each cosmos is a droplet in the Galactic Ocean and the light from within it will be ‘bent’ by the surfaces it passes through. Who can say how many reflections it will cast out into the wider universe to be apprehended by others as distinct points of light or stars when viewed from another vantage point in Space? Rather like the famous ‘disco ball’ of the 80s.

Firstly there will be the reflections within the Cosmos itself, from the inner walls of the external form. Then there will be the same objects reflected in the inner, and outer, walls of the other Cosmoi of the Nebulaic system. These reflections may appear as distinct objects in their own right, independent of the first reflections observed from within the parent Cosmos. Then, of course, there will be the objects themselves.

Does each new surface of consciousness – Solar System, Cosmos, Nebula, Galaxy – carry a discrete ‘skin’ which contains it, and, in this way, gives rise to further walls to reflect upon?

Or are we simply witnessing the latest revival in ‘the Universe made in man’s image’ that has become popular in science over the last few decades?

The Rise of Shamanic Spirituality

We know the world is changing. Part of that change is the realisation that the way we live is damaging life on this planet. The primary concern of religions in the world today is the control and salvation of humankind. Churches and temples are growing empty. Priesthoods are seen as either defunct or corrupt. Religions are used as a pretext to sell arms to each other and spread war and dissension, perpetuating a medieval mind set that is long out worn. The 19th Century saw to that. Other ideologies rose through the 20th century with little concern for citizens and even less for the ecology of the world, failing to recognise cultures as part of the ecology. Rampant capitalism slowly ensconced itself in spurious legality until, by the end of the century, the catch phrase had become ‘greed is good’.

As the older generation slowly fades, (slowly because of the efficacy of modern drugs and means of keeping failing bodies alive), so the following generations struggle to make their way in a collapsing economy and step into the shoes of their forebears ignoring the call of the day. It is only among a few, though a growing minority, that others are calling out for change. It is primarily the young who see the loss of species as a real danger to the web of life – a phrase that has recently entered the common awareness. Meanwhile the ‘business as usual’ profit-makers still scour the seas crushing the lesser lives that higher forms depend upon. Every supermarket has a wet-fish slab, with the dead eyes of faltering species staring in recrimination at the passers-by. Sustainable pesci-culture means overstocked farms, breeding sickness and disease among the stifling stocks unable to breathe because the weight of life in a blocked off pool that in no way resembles the open seas and a hazardous life escaping predators.

The lives of fodder animals is even more horrendous, never seeing the sky, often not knowing their mother, is it any wonder that human society is tearing itself apart? Meanwhile the internet continues to promote violence and vengeance as a form of justice, or, worse, sexual entertainment. Boys and girls disappear from the streets, in some cases by the very hands of off duty police officers. So long Britain. Hallo Camp Profiteering.

As the cry of life-forms in every shape around the world grows louder, before being finally silenced, so the human response is to leave the churches empty with their paedophilia and fashion shows, and in place of this to turn to nature and restore the ancient wisdom inherent in every society. Long before we took to robes and ritualised approaches to God we stood in awe of the sunset and the crashing waves, of the waterfalls and the rainbows, of the deep deep forests and the call of birds at dawn and dusk.

All of this is rising again entering the hearts and minds of many who have been forced to stay at home during the spread of this global pandemic. Now love of nature is promoted as ‘tourism’ when it is something much deeper than that. It is the longing in the human heart to find its own essential self at one with the world of living things. Commerce is not living. It can never be called thriving, though it is commerce which has popularised this word today.

Commerce is a gambling wheel. And as Dylan said ‘the gambling wheel’s shut down’.

The deep sea container vessels that plough the seas spread the stench of diesel or worse through their endless recrossing of the seas. The plankton are dying, and with them our oxygen supply. Globules of oil cover the surface, blocking out the sun and poisoning the waters.

If you doubt the strain the sound of engines is placing on an otherwise silent environment I recommend you travel from Britain on the overnight ferry to Sweden, or somewhere similar. Sleep in a cabin below decks, close to the thud of the engines and see how you feel in the morning. Now imagine that continuing for your entire life, and you will gain some insight into the destruction of the seas that ‘harmless trade’ is doing daily. Some years ago it was said that the explosions of submarines from the First World War were still echoing in the sea. How much more, since then, has the traffic grown, slamming thudding motors across the narrowing seas gulfs. Is it possible for a fish to think with that noise going on?

Do you care, or is your only goal to gain a collar to wear, or a shawl to put across your shoulders. The old religions are dying, swiftly dying as the 5th root race ends its tenure on Earth, and the 6th race, rises in recognition of the sanctity of life and declares, ‘We cannot stand for this any longer.’ This is the Shamanic religions rising. This is the coming spirituality.

Planetary Magnetic Fields

It is supposed that the effect of the magnetic field of a planet or star, such as the sun, changes according to the proximity of the individual object within the field. Thus a planet that is closer to the Sun will stand in a very different field to one further away.

All life develops, wherever it develops, under the conditions of the environment in which it is found. These conditions will include the magnetic field of the planet and of the surrounding bodies.

As humanity begins its tentative steps off planet it becomes subject to conditions which are alien to it. It enters a new environment.

Two things occur. Firstly the human is no longer surrounded by the sustaining atmosphere and magnetic field of the Earth, and secondly it will become subject to other radiations and magnetic fields which are alien to it.

While the projected ‘colonisation of Mars’ tends to focus on issues like the difference in gravitational pull of the planet, dwelling beneath two moons and other immediately apparent features that distinguish that planet from Earth, little attention is given – it is suggested – to the thinness of the atmosphere with concurrent lessening of the shield against ‘cosmic radiation’, nor the magnetic field of Mars itself and how that may differ from Earth, with little idea as to what the outcome of living under such conditions might be. For example, what effect might this have on the human body and psychic make up of any individual subjected to extended periods under those conditions?

But there is a further point I want to raise and that is the planet itself takes its orbit in a very different part of the magnetic body of the Sun from the Earth. This too will have a direct affect upon any individual finding themselves there. The Earth we know is part of a dual system with the Moon, meaning the Moon is shielded still within the ‘atmospheric’ pocket of the Earth-Moon system.

Consider, for example, that the magnetic body of the Sun is a series of harmonics, in each of which a planet takes its being. As the harmonics reach the higher levels – the third and fourth octaves and so on – new qualities will arise. These may be detrimental to the human being who is used to a much denser, lower harmonic vibration echoing through the body.

We see this already with harmonics of power on Earth, particularly political power. Those in positions of power become changed by the offices they hold. Many become cruel and ruthless, particularly if it was personal ambition that launched them into these posts. Many become irrational. For those who incarnate into positions of authority, as in the case of dynasties of ruling families, for example, or those of great wealth, the issues are very different. Firstly they are brought up in an environment of privilege which, in the best cases, speak more of responsibility and duty than of than rights and privileges. Secondly it was never a personal choice on their part to incarnate into such a state of privilege. It was an incarnational ‘accident’, which is to say it was a choice made by the incarnating agency, in the case of Earth the Solar Logos or Regent of the same, rather than the Soul, incarnating now into the body of a privileged person. Rather than being seen as a blessing by the individual this may often be felt as a curse. An obligation which one has to fulfil without regard for personal feelings on any matter.

Consider the role of war in a nation. The leader of the government may choose to commit some act of war against another nation and lead a generation of its population into situations of great danger and desperation. The nominal head of the nation has to proceed as if it was their choice, when they may have had no say in the matter at all. Nonetheless they must give their support to the troops and aim to defeat the supposed enemy with all their courage and heart. At what level their actions take place is dependent upon the personal circumstances of that head of state.

How different a position to that of the politician who, wanting to ensure a further term in office (having grown to enjoy the prestige of power) declares war on the most slender of grounds against some former ally they may consider weak enough to conquer, or whose resources they desperately envy.

When a short time later, for politicians lives are short, that leader falls from power, the nominal head of the nation must still support the wounded and deceived. The politician may be heralded as a hero of the hour and go on to make a career in public speaking or some other publicity based venture. Now all of their responsibility turns, as it ever did, on their own interests, and no longer on the well-being of the nation which once they served. A monarch or noble in a nation, and indeed a seat of wealth, does not have that choice. Their responsibility remains what it always has been, the well-being and health of the family, and the populous at large.

But to return to the planets. It is hoped that some insight has been given as to the issues involved in colonising other worlds. It only remains to add that the issues of the Earth are not solved by running away from them. We have to find a way to live both morally and ethically on the Earth and until we do any further extending of human habitation remains a minor issue for the majority of Life on this planet. Should we unravel Life here, as we are proceeding to do, minor outposts under alien conditions will not provide a realistic answer to the continuance of the race.