Holograms in Space

According to an astro-physicist on tv the other day a new sub-atomic particle has been discovered which causes a radical review of our view of the universe. Now, it is being proposed, the universe appears to be a hologram. I am not an astro-physicist but I have said for many years now that the Sun revolves, with its sister stars, around a centre we call a Cosmos. I use the plural form ‘we’ since I was taught this by others. That Cosmos, which is known to us as the Pleiades, revolves around a greater centre called a Nebula, or series of star clusters (Cosmoi), which in turn floats in the Galactic sea.

As we look out at the night sky it is suggested, from this scheme, that what we are looking at is the universe reflected through a series of ‘lenses’ or, better perhaps, surfaces, which themselves reflect the universe from their level of expression.

Could this be the hologram the scientist was speaking about?

Consider how light is refracted and reflected as it passes into and through water. Each cosmos is a droplet in the Galactic Ocean and the light from within it will be ‘bent’ by the surfaces it passes through. Who can say how many reflections it will cast out into the wider universe to be apprehended by others as distinct points of light or stars when viewed from another vantage point in Space? Rather like the famous ‘disco ball’ of the 80s.

Firstly there will be the reflections within the Cosmos itself, from the inner walls of the external form. Then there will be the same objects reflected in the inner, and outer, walls of the other Cosmoi of the Nebulaic system. These reflections may appear as distinct objects in their own right, independent of the first reflections observed from within the parent Cosmos. Then, of course, there will be the objects themselves.

Does each new surface of consciousness – Solar System, Cosmos, Nebula, Galaxy – carry a discrete ‘skin’ which contains it, and, in this way, gives rise to further walls to reflect upon?

Or are we simply witnessing the latest revival in ‘the Universe made in man’s image’ that has become popular in science over the last few decades?

The Rise of Shamanic Spirituality

We know the world is changing. Part of that change is the realisation that the way we live is damaging life on this planet. The primary concern of religions in the world today is the control and salvation of humankind. Churches and temples are growing empty. Priesthoods are seen as either defunct or corrupt. Religions are used as a pretext to sell arms to each other and spread war and dissension, perpetuating a medieval mind set that is long out worn. The 19th Century saw to that. Other ideologies rose through the 20th century with little concern for citizens and even less for the ecology of the world, failing to recognise cultures as part of the ecology. Rampant capitalism slowly ensconced itself in spurious legality until, by the end of the century, the catch phrase had become ‘greed is good’.

As the older generation slowly fades, (slowly because of the efficacy of modern drugs and means of keeping failing bodies alive), so the following generations struggle to make their way in a collapsing economy and step into the shoes of their forebears ignoring the call of the day. It is only among a few, though a growing minority, that others are calling out for change. It is primarily the young who see the loss of species as a real danger to the web of life – a phrase that has recently entered the common awareness. Meanwhile the ‘business as usual’ profit-makers still scour the seas crushing the lesser lives that higher forms depend upon. Every supermarket has a wet-fish slab, with the dead eyes of faltering species staring in recrimination at the passers-by. Sustainable pesci-culture means overstocked farms, breeding sickness and disease among the stifling stocks unable to breathe because the weight of life in a blocked off pool that in no way resembles the open seas and a hazardous life escaping predators.

The lives of fodder animals is even more horrendous, never seeing the sky, often not knowing their mother, is it any wonder that human society is tearing itself apart? Meanwhile the internet continues to promote violence and vengeance as a form of justice, or, worse, sexual entertainment. Boys and girls disappear from the streets, in some cases by the very hands of off duty police officers. So long Britain. Hallo Camp Profiteering.

As the cry of life-forms in every shape around the world grows louder, before being finally silenced, so the human response is to leave the churches empty with their paedophilia and fashion shows, and in place of this to turn to nature and restore the ancient wisdom inherent in every society. Long before we took to robes and ritualised approaches to God we stood in awe of the sunset and the crashing waves, of the waterfalls and the rainbows, of the deep deep forests and the call of birds at dawn and dusk.

All of this is rising again entering the hearts and minds of many who have been forced to stay at home during the spread of this global pandemic. Now love of nature is promoted as ‘tourism’ when it is something much deeper than that. It is the longing in the human heart to find its own essential self at one with the world of living things. Commerce is not living. It can never be called thriving, though it is commerce which has popularised this word today.

Commerce is a gambling wheel. And as Dylan said ‘the gambling wheel’s shut down’.

The deep sea container vessels that plough the seas spread the stench of diesel or worse through their endless recrossing of the seas. The plankton are dying, and with them our oxygen supply. Globules of oil cover the surface, blocking out the sun and poisoning the waters.

If you doubt the strain the sound of engines is placing on an otherwise silent environment I recommend you travel from Britain on the overnight ferry to Sweden, or somewhere similar. Sleep in a cabin below decks, close to the thud of the engines and see how you feel in the morning. Now imagine that continuing for your entire life, and you will gain some insight into the destruction of the seas that ‘harmless trade’ is doing daily. Some years ago it was said that the explosions of submarines from the First World War were still echoing in the sea. How much more, since then, has the traffic grown, slamming thudding motors across the narrowing seas gulfs. Is it possible for a fish to think with that noise going on?

Do you care, or is your only goal to gain a collar to wear, or a shawl to put across your shoulders. The old religions are dying, swiftly dying as the 5th root race ends its tenure on Earth, and the 6th race, rises in recognition of the sanctity of life and declares, ‘We cannot stand for this any longer.’ This is the Shamanic religions rising. This is the coming spirituality.

Planetary Magnetic Fields

It is supposed that the effect of the magnetic field of a planet or star, such as the sun, changes according to the proximity of the individual object within the field. Thus a planet that is closer to the Sun will stand in a very different field to one further away.

All life develops, wherever it develops, under the conditions of the environment in which it is found. These conditions will include the magnetic field of the planet and of the surrounding bodies.

As humanity begins its tentative steps off planet it becomes subject to conditions which are alien to it. It enters a new environment.

Two things occur. Firstly the human is no longer surrounded by the sustaining atmosphere and magnetic field of the Earth, and secondly it will become subject to other radiations and magnetic fields which are alien to it.

While the projected ‘colonisation of Mars’ tends to focus on issues like the difference in gravitational pull of the planet, dwelling beneath two moons and other immediately apparent features that distinguish that planet from Earth, little attention is given – it is suggested – to the thinness of the atmosphere with concurrent lessening of the shield against ‘cosmic radiation’, nor the magnetic field of Mars itself and how that may differ from Earth, with little idea as to what the outcome of living under such conditions might be. For example, what effect might this have on the human body and psychic make up of any individual subjected to extended periods under those conditions?

But there is a further point I want to raise and that is the planet itself takes its orbit in a very different part of the magnetic body of the Sun from the Earth. This too will have a direct affect upon any individual finding themselves there. The Earth we know is part of a dual system with the Moon, meaning the Moon is shielded still within the ‘atmospheric’ pocket of the Earth-Moon system.

Consider, for example, that the magnetic body of the Sun is a series of harmonics, in each of which a planet takes its being. As the harmonics reach the higher levels – the third and fourth octaves and so on – new qualities will arise. These may be detrimental to the human being who is used to a much denser, lower harmonic vibration echoing through the body.

We see this already with harmonics of power on Earth, particularly political power. Those in positions of power become changed by the offices they hold. Many become cruel and ruthless, particularly if it was personal ambition that launched them into these posts. Many become irrational. For those who incarnate into positions of authority, as in the case of dynasties of ruling families, for example, or those of great wealth, the issues are very different. Firstly they are brought up in an environment of privilege which, in the best cases, speak more of responsibility and duty than of than rights and privileges. Secondly it was never a personal choice on their part to incarnate into such a state of privilege. It was an incarnational ‘accident’, which is to say it was a choice made by the incarnating agency, in the case of Earth the Solar Logos or Regent of the same, rather than the Soul, incarnating now into the body of a privileged person. Rather than being seen as a blessing by the individual this may often be felt as a curse. An obligation which one has to fulfil without regard for personal feelings on any matter.

Consider the role of war in a nation. The leader of the government may choose to commit some act of war against another nation and lead a generation of its population into situations of great danger and desperation. The nominal head of the nation has to proceed as if it was their choice, when they may have had no say in the matter at all. Nonetheless they must give their support to the troops and aim to defeat the supposed enemy with all their courage and heart. At what level their actions take place is dependent upon the personal circumstances of that head of state.

How different a position to that of the politician who, wanting to ensure a further term in office (having grown to enjoy the prestige of power) declares war on the most slender of grounds against some former ally they may consider weak enough to conquer, or whose resources they desperately envy.

When a short time later, for politicians lives are short, that leader falls from power, the nominal head of the nation must still support the wounded and deceived. The politician may be heralded as a hero of the hour and go on to make a career in public speaking or some other publicity based venture. Now all of their responsibility turns, as it ever did, on their own interests, and no longer on the well-being of the nation which once they served. A monarch or noble in a nation, and indeed a seat of wealth, does not have that choice. Their responsibility remains what it always has been, the well-being and health of the family, and the populous at large.

But to return to the planets. It is hoped that some insight has been given as to the issues involved in colonising other worlds. It only remains to add that the issues of the Earth are not solved by running away from them. We have to find a way to live both morally and ethically on the Earth and until we do any further extending of human habitation remains a minor issue for the majority of Life on this planet. Should we unravel Life here, as we are proceeding to do, minor outposts under alien conditions will not provide a realistic answer to the continuance of the race.


Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. But more than that necessity is the ground rule of the universe. It is the basis of economy. I don’t mean the spendthrift economy that ‘makes the world go round’. I mean real economy. To use each unit for all it is worth and when it finally falls apart to use those parts which are still serviceable. This is no mystery. Think of the manufacturing industry that has grown up in the last couple of hundred years or so. If there is a mould that will produce a part that can be used in many different ways – shall we say a rivet or bolt – then we can be sure that there will be a ready market for such a thing. The production of sheet metal that can then be sold for use in production of specialised equipment. This is all obvious to any economist.

What is not so evident it seems is that a tree standing in a forest may have many different uses. For some it will be shelter, for others a routeway through the undergrowth, for still others it will be a nesting site, for others still it will be nourishment for the young as they chew their way through the bark into the sunlight for a brief mating life prior to planting eggs deep within the soft tissue of the tree again. Some will feed off its leaves, others from its fruit, still others from its flowers. Some will use the fruit as medicine, others for staple food.

All of this is lost to the sawman standing at the foot of a 300 year old tree with his chainsaw in hand. The governor has said ‘its in the way of the latest railroad route, clear the way’. That man, manager of many, tried on his performance by still more distant bosses, has never seen the tree. He has no idea that a colony of insects lives in its stem, that a flock of birds use it as a roost and an outlook over the forest. He doesn’t care about any of that. All he is concerned with is that the track will be laid in time, thanks to his efficient management and bullying of the workforce.

So another ancient heirloom is lost and as it tumbles to the ground the sawman prays it will not split or he will lose his job and not be allowed to try his expertise on the rest of the forest which lies ahead of him.

But when the trees have gone and the line whips people from one conurbation to the next there remains only desolate waste. When the cattle have moved in and eaten the fields to sterility and the soil is blown away in a dustbowl the sawyer may sit on the train on his annual journey to see his family and cry as he sees the devastation his one simple action has lead to.

Nothing has been re-used. The land has been used in a new way. It does not sustain life, it provides a brief spell of profit for some burger chain whose one ambition is to expand across the world and never mind the cost to the forest and all its myriad life forms.

Yes Necessity is the mother of Economy, and sustenance means to sustain, not cheap burgers for every teen-age wannabe or harassed parent seeking to appease their kids, but nourishment. The soul is nourished by a walk in the woods. The woods hold water in suspension all around us and, bathed in their bliss, we find we can relax and absorb the beauty of the world again. We are restored to our humanity, no longer rattling along in some mad rush to pay our bills, counting the days till we get paid again and gambling that the dues will not fall before we are able to cover them. Meanwhile the banks foreclose on this farmer and that tenant, on this defaulting mortgagee, as increasingly the human race exploits its advantage over others. That is not necessity. That is poverty extreme.

The Christ Arising

While many await the coming of the Messiah, and others the second coming of the Christ, still more await the appearance of the Imam Mahdi. The long-awaited Celtic prophecy of the Once and Future King who will establish justice in the world. The whole focus of these prophecies is on the human kingdom. But for me the danger is not in Eternal damnation but the loss of Life on Earth.

Who will deny the growing environmental movement as the expression of all these predicted appearances of the Enlightened Ones?

The assumption by these messianic cults is that the human kingdom is the most important issue at stake. Today this is simply not the case.

We have managed to invent technologies that are detrimental to Life, in our search for ease, distraction and profit. The most frightening sound on land is that of the internal combustion engine, whether in the form of road diggers, caterpillar bulldozers or chain saws. On the seas we find the same with the rumble of diesel engines as trawlers drag crushing nets across the seabed. In the air the constant discordant buzzing of electricity.

There is no question of the legality of these actions but the ethical question surely has to fall the other side from the legal decision. Greenpeace are accused of being guilty of open ocean vandalism, by dropping huge stones on to the sea bed to protect the lives of those destroyed by the bottom drag nets that smash everything in their wake, including breeding grounds. Where is the environmental legislation to protect these defenceless ones?

Today the challenge is to the notion that Life exists on Earth as a given. The scientists will tell you that Life has not been found elsewhere in the universe, denying the existence of visitors from other worlds. But this thought is not carried forwards to the recognition that Life is precious, and not to be destroyed wilfully in pursuit of marginal profits. Even fishermen, more than 15 years ago, told of the danger to livestock levels in the North Sea, as they watched their livelihoods disappearing.

Meanwhile industry and commerce continue to develop techniques and technologies that actively destroy the Earth and its Living Species heedless of the many warnings seen across the planet.

Life is not native to this planet.

It is a gift from the very source, which some religions call God, visiting this world for the benefit of all. It is steadily being unravelled by the forces of commerce which are concerned purely over the profit margin, with total disregard for quality of life, and watch that growing slimmer as it turns its attentions to other areas of exploitation.

Is traffic in human bodies and body parts legal? It goes on all across the world. The British government have now passed legislation that demands the organs of the dead. If you wish to keep your organs after death you have to a) have an internet connection and b) go through a rigmarole that is baffling even to one with a degree in Information Technology.

Yes, trade in human organs is both legal and supported by the local government of the British Isles. But Life is unravelling. As ecosystems are destroyed through the widespread use of chemicals for fertilisers and pesticides, the rivers and streams suffer from acidic run off that destroys their habitats.

As those food sources disappear, wildlife will turn to other sources of food, and grow more desperate in their struggle to stay alive. Soon the rodents will turn on humans and begin to see them as suitable food stuff for their young.

As each system unravels, the whole web of Life becomes that much weaker, and Life itself will abandon this planet long before the proposed outposts on neighbouring planets have become functioning societies.

We have a wonderful opportunity with the covid economic collapse to begin to restore the Earth through bringing more labour to the land and educating ourselves, and our children, in growing ecologically sound foods. We cannot expect the supermarkets to lead the way. It has to come from commerce itself, and that means offering landworkers a reasonable wage. They are after all the primary producers of this and every other nation.

Stepping into Aquarius

As we step into Aquarius we can expect the forces of decadence to resist the change, since it suits them to hold the seats of power and maintain a grip on what some may consider their security – as if life was dependent on human will and profit alone for its sustenance.

I do not wish to suggest that all in elevated positions are insensitive to the cries of Life from the planet, for humanity to desist from its rapacious folly, but rather to suggest that the transition will not be a simple one, but won by struggle and great effort on all our parts. One thing is certain that the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth and Solar System will come to the fore as the presence of the Galaxy makes herself felt more strongly once more and we begin to erect a just society.

We cannot ignore the plight of Life on the planet and must reconsider the role of commerce as currently antagonistic to Life force. Where are we going wrong? There is no question that we are going wrong and being lead by profit motive alone is not any kind of solution to the dire situation we find ourselves in.

The situation is not hopeless. Far from it. But we must try to move to a new and better balance with all Life than we have had to date, under the devastating Biblical notion of Humankind’s superiority over Nature. We see how false such a notion is today, in the midst of a pandemic driven by something so trivial as a virus that can knock the race down to its knees. Nor will this be the last.

But humanity has the chance to learn lessons, the lessons of humility and tolerance if only it will allow itself to become humble in the face of Life as she returns to the Earth after a long absence. For we have been struggling under the forces of death – a mechanical universe is a dead universe and can never be the source of Life.

Step boldly into the New. You do so for all our sakes. From the desire for Goodwill towards each other, Strength will grow and guide us once more into the Fold of Life, the Eternal Shepherd.

Crystals, Electricity and Radiation

Geologists tell us that there are 14 different patterns that atoms can assemble into. Some argue that there are 15, but this is due to one formation having a right-handed and a left-handed variant. One asks the question does this mean that it is spiracular in form? However each different pattern will create a different and unique frequency in Creation. In this way Creation, Space, will be permeated by 14/15 different frequency patterns which will divide Space and distinguish different patterns within it as a series of lattices.

We need to consider whether these patterns create magnetic or electrical fields. Extending through space will be fields of frequencies each different from one another, interweaving as a complex mesh, and each creating a holding pattern within which other forms can take place and unfold. There are a lot of Sci-fi speculations about life forms with a different base to the carbon-oxygen-hyrdrogen, which forms the basis of life on Earth. Speculations include silicon based life forms and so on. Star trek usually includes some reference to such things in one or other of its episodes. The implication is usually to do with moral codes of behaviour and other values and how these differ from the assumed ‘correct’ stance which is portrayed as only being relevant to carbon based life forms. Perhaps in the 1960s when Star Trek began it was necessary to cloak tolerance of different systems and psychologies in this pseudo-scientific garb to allow some to consider that life as a black American might be very different from life as a white American.

However whatever may be the outcome of such speculation one thing is clear. Space is divided into 14/15 different patterns which interface with one another and build structures within which all the rest of Creation takes place.

Some might seek to argue that these fields of expression will only be limited in extent, and some may even argue that they do not extend beyond the limits of the crystal formation itself. Those who argue for a limited extent may also, by virtue of this argument, suggest that each outcrop of crystal formation will begin a new pattern regardless of others around it, even if they are the same pattern. In that way they suggest that Space is interwoven by any number of repetitions of the same patterns with different sources. Yet I suggest this is not the case. I would go further to suggest that, in direct opposition to that idea, outcrops of those formations only occur where the pattern expresses itself. That is to say they will be aligned to the matrix that already exists, not that they create the pattern again by virtue of their own existence. The pattern, the matrix, allows the expression of its forms, and it is within this matrix that the forms find expression, not outside it. There is no outside. That Space may be permeated by the other 13/14 patterns is irrelevant. They will create their own patterns throughout Creation.

Simply said, what we consider to be empty Space is itself a series of interwoven, though not necessarily locked, matrices forming the foundational web upon which the rest of Creation itself is woven, as the outer expression of manifest forms. It is likely that some wave pattern moves through each matrix, independently of the wave forms passing through the other matrices, that may bring some element of emphasis within the matrix, making it stronger here and less strong there as a constantly moving pulsation within the matrix.

I am suggesting that as we throw bands and laser beams of radio waves around the planet, we do so through this matrix of interconnected frequencies creating new, imposed, and false, frequencies upon them, thereby destroying them and the life-enhancing qualities they provide. (They will be life enhancing since it is within these matrices that Life has developed!) Is it any wonder then that life should be dying out on this planet, with its wayward species, humankind, and its inventions. We would not expect to find life in the middle of a holocaustic explosion, yet we are creating that with the constant outpouring of wifi, and other radiations we spread around the globe, with little thought as to what we are carving through in sending these Oh! so important messages to one another.

See ya later! As if there will be a later in which to see you.

75 years

When I was at school I studied Geography at A level. Our teacher told us that the climate was changing (in 1968) and that Scotland could expect a climate like that of the Mediterranean. We all thought that would be a good thing. No longer would it be necessary to travel to Spain to loll about in the sun. He didn’t seem so certain but made no more fuss about it. A curriculum to stick to, you know. So we thought no more about it.

Today 52 years later I have to ask myself was it already known that the climate was warming?

We are celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of Britain this year, and I ask myself what has changed in those 75 years since the end of the war?

For me the most apparent change, and one nobody wants to address this – too much money involved – is that from 1945 onwards the proliferation of radio and television waves and then latterly, as the crisis of global warming began to become apparent, mobile phones and wifi have extended to every part of the globe. At the same time we are told that radiation from satellites around the Earth register alarmingly high levels of radiation in the middle of the Australian desert where no human habitation is found for miles around.

Little is understood about Electricity or its relationship to those two other mysterious forces, Gravity and Magnetism. It is known that an electric current creates an electro-magnetic field around itself. It is also known that bodies generate electrical fields about themselves. The Earth has an etheric field surrounding her as does every human being.

Friction is understood. Rub two things together and they will get warmer, especially if they have abrasive surfaces. My suggestion, and fear, is that this promulgation of electrical fields is creating friction within the etheric (electromagnetic) field of the earth that is unquestionably detrimental to Life.

As an experiment walk in the woods. Notice how the air feels cool and soothing. If you are able to, contrast this with standing in a kitchen filled with electrical equipment and see what difference there is to the body.

I know it is not a popular idea but I do suggest it – stop all mobile phones and electrical generation and see the result. Difficult to co-ordinate that around the world and of course there are still the satellites, but I do feel certain that it is these which, more than any other factor, Co2 omissions and everything, are causing the planet to roast the trees alive so they burst into flames at an unprecedented rate.