I Am Yam

There is a growing spiritual movement we might call the ‘I Am’ movement, particularly as some parts of the movement identifies itself as that very thing. It is a movement which, as far as I can trace it, begins in America with the I Am discourses ‘channelled’ by Godfre Ray King. Drawing from the Theosophical tradition and the works of Alice Bailey his books consist of channelled broadcasts by various Ascended Masters. This work was then continued by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet who founded the Summit Lighthouse.

This particular emphasis on ‘I Am’ is also to be found among some in the Masonic tradition. It is possible that this is the origin of the phrase that King chose to use for his discourses. It is interesting that the phrase ‘I Am’, echoes the syllable of the Heart chakra in the Sanskrit and yogic tradition, of ‘Yam’. But there is a great difference between ‘I Am’ and ‘Yam’, and it is this.

The sound ‘aah’ moves, from a central source, spherically out to the edges of infinity. In contrast to this the sound ‘i’- pronounced ‘ee’ – is vertical, reaching upwards. Some might argue that the ‘ee’ sound holds a very high position above the head. However in the diphthong sound that comprises the ‘I’ of ‘I Am’ it is an actual motion from the expanding sphere of ‘aa’ to the sustained high situation of the ‘ee’. This has an effect of contracting the expansion of the ‘aa’ into the vertical of ‘ee’. In short it emphasises the significance of the personal, drawing the expanding reality of the spherical ‘aa’, that is to say all of Creation (c.f. A-U-M), into the particular of the self-identity with the upper sound.

Let us explore this idea more fully. There is a single Source of Creation, commonly represented graphically as a point or as a circle. It is found as the circular form of the Sun in many traditions, since this is indeed the source of Life on our planet. A common symbol for the Sun is a circle with a point at the centre of it. As is apparent from this image, an infinite number of straight lines can pass through a single point. This is important for that ‘ee’ sound represents our personal connection, our link, with the Source of Creation. It is unique to us, and not shared with any other. In this way the diphthong sound ‘aa-ee’ emphasises the personal. It reinforces the ego.

With the statement ‘I Am’, we are demanding our right to personal experience. But we are also imposing our interpretation and our Will upon the surroundings. This is very aggressive, it does not allow for the existence of the other. We withdraw the entirety of Creation into ourselves, including any audience or fellow we may share the situation with.

This is a very different approach to the ‘yam’ of the heart chakra. While ‘I Am’ appears to include the ‘yam’ (pronounced y-aa-m) it is suppressed in that statement, since the ‘aa’ preceding it declares Creation to have its origins here in the personal centre of the individual making the declaration.

In contrast to this the ‘ee’ at the beginning of ‘yam’ starts, not in the body of the individual pronouncing it, but in the Source of Creation itself. From this vantage point the sound swoops down into the heart of the one uttering the syllable, thereby reinforcing Creation operating through the heart, rather than declaring the source of Creation – and therefore the only acceptable relation to it – to be ‘mine’. It should be noted that all of nature begins its observations and interactions with the rest of Creation from the heart. the heart is the seat of Consciousness in all things. It is only in the human realm, on the planet at this time, that there is any divergence from this. Even so, not all of humanity holds this ‘other’ perspective, as a being separate from the whole. Fortunately – for the rest of nature as well as for ourselves – this situation is changing as the Earth undergoes her awakening and humanity is carried along with it.

There is a further point here and that is the use of the two syllables, ‘I Am’ and ‘yam’, as mantras. By repeating ‘I Am’ we discover it to be an illusion very quickly since it resolves into Maya, and from here into Yama – death. Thereby declaring that ‘I’ is the way to death, since it is essentially the way of denial, and indeed that death itself is an illusion. ‘I’ is opposed to ‘other’. By contrast ‘yam’ repeated yields a new beginning at each turn. It is a constant reinforcement of the existence of the individual, not in denial of any other but as a simple affirmation of that as a valid source within Creation.

We can consider regimes which held the personal to be the ultimate, such regimes as the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, in which the declaration was of a ‘superior race’. It will be recalled that it was on the strength of the Masonic lodges and the imposed threat of death from oath-breaking or disobedience, that Hitler rose to power in the first place. This is not to suggest that all Masons are fascists or Nazis, far from it. Many are honest, hard-working, socially minded individuals with a clear vision of the world and their place within it. It is merely to point out that we live in a world of duality and if we are not careful a single choice can send us reeling down the wrong path, towards death and our own destruction. It is never that ‘I Am God’ but ever that ‘God is me’.


We hear an awful lot about trees these days. How the government plans to plant a billion trees and save the planet and so on. (After cutting down a 250 year old pear tree to rush its elite train line through.) I cannot help but feel that included in these will be those trees planted by the nation’s children in honour of her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Is this the first such jubilee in our history I ask myself? Riding on the back of popular sentiment is never a good guide to policy making. As for the delivery of such a thing, we have yet to wait and see. Meanwhile Brazil, possessing one of the largest forests in the world, daily goes on stripping the trees away to feed unhealthy stock in unhealthy conditions to provide unhealthy populations with what advertising assures them they want to be happy. Ah sad world.

But I wanted to share a little of the insights I have garnered over the years into the nature of trees. I don’t pretend to be an expert in the style of Peter Wohlleben, nor any sort of innovator as Dr Miyawaki. However the work of both of these esteemed gentlemen very much supports my own observations. There is nothing more heart-rending to my eyes than a hillside stripped of trees in one fell operation of forestry clearing. I think of all the lives that have shared in the life of this forest and have grown from infancy to adulthood only to be faced with a calamitous scene after the humans have passed. In the words of my friend Ali Gökmen ‘I heard the mouses crying’.

Trees are friendly. You have only to walk in their shelter to feel the closeness and harmony they share with the world around them. They are generous, giving of their fruit and leaves to other lives that live on them and in them. They offer their shelter from wind and rain and sun. How much we have to learn from trees.

They have a social conscience. Not only do they share their fruits with others they also shelter each other from the wind. They stand close together, not afraid of closeness, but finding in it warmth and protection. How different from the human race.

And what do the foresters of today do? They plant them at an optimum distance, neatly squared away to allow maximum growth in minimum time to produce timber that melts in no time. Kiln dried, the timbers become desiccated and turn to powder. Such wisdom this ape possesses.

For deeper insights into trees read the books of Peter Wohlleben, particularly ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’. Read it with an opened mind, not the cynical, critical, jeering mind of western academic thinking, but with the heart with which it is written by one who has spent his life among these ancient life forms. Ask yourself, who have you helped today? How many have you given shelter to? How many have you nourished? Then try to live your life more like a tree.

A tree stands solid in one place, but reaches out its consciousness to the universe around it. To the little lives that hurry past, or nestle in the crooks of its branches and roots. To the birds that roost and sing praises to the day each morning as the sun breaks the horizon and pales the sky. A tree reaches its awareness far up into the sky and touches the stars in their distant posts singing in the praise of the Creator as every one does. Then listen to see if you can hear the whispering wisdom the trees hold in store for you on this day, the first of all your days to come.

Thoughts On Solutions

Watching the series of Earthshot programmes by the BBC a few days ago I saw an initiative that uses Black Soldier Fly larvae as a protein rich source of fertilizer for farmers, and fodder for animals. I was concerned as all I could see on the website spoke in clinical terms of the processes involved. Number of days to achieve full growth, protein rich outcomes etc. I emailed to ask if the creatures were in an active phase when they were ‘harvested’. Eventually I had a reply which apologised for the delay and declared that yes the creatures were in an active, not a dormant phase. Here is the reply I sent them this afternoon.

“Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your reply.

It is as I feared, that you begin the process too early when the maggots are in their active phase. This is unnecessarily cruel of you and incurs a tremendous karmic debt both for yourselves, your company, and the human race as a whole, being another example of humanity making war with Nature, instead of, as no doubt your intention is, co-operating with her.

It is essential to understand that each maggot is an individuated consciousness, as you are yourself. While they are in an active state they maintain an individual awareness. However, in the life of insects there comes a dormant phase in which the immature form dissolves into a liquid mass prior to adopting the adult form.

At this stage the individual consciousness is sublimated into a phase of union with the soul of the instance, in this case the Black Soldier Fly Deva. At this stage Consciousness is as remote from the physical form as it will become. This allows for a much less karmically detrimental intervention as the creature is in a condition of blissful union with its source.

Consider the growth of the maggot – munch, munch, munch, scoff, scoff, scoff, gobble, gobble, gobble – aaahhhhh – as it ‘falls asleep’, to dream of its heroic form, the adult black soldier fly. This dream brings about the crystallisation of the adult form in its chrysalis.

I am suggesting that if you were to mill the dormant casks at this stage it would result in a protein rich soup which could be dried – probably at a lower temperature than currently employed – to give you the yield you desire with no suffering to any individual creatures that your current process demands, and consequently no detrimental karmic debt incurred.

I hope this will prove useful to you in the development of your company.

I remain your humble servant.”

As indeed a humble servant to all life. It hardly needs saying that I am not at all sure about this process of harvesting living things to produce fertiliser, but this at least will be less stressful for the species as a whole than that currently employed. Nothing living likes to be burned alive. Yet it seems as if humanity is determined that everything will shortly experience this.

Let Us Consider …

That we are the only planet in the whole wide universe that has life on it. This must surely place a great responsibility upon each of us, but especially upon the shoulders of those who determine the course of cultural unfoldment and, in particular, the commercial exploitation of the planet we all call home. Perhaps those who handle tremendous wealth, deciding whether a country will have an income in ‘the global market’ or not, focus entirely upon how to increase the wealth and income of their particular conglomerate. Maybe they don’t pay attention to the needs of the Orang utans, for example, who are losing their habitat to provide unhealthy snack foods for the prosperous North and West, while doctors preach about the problems of obesity in the affluent west. Or on the diversity of trees in the Amazon forest – other than as it may provide them with a higher income than were they to provide some less rare material.

It would certainly appear to be the case that the Oceans represent a free for all to suck out of the seas all of the living creatures that have evolved through millennia as long and longer than humanity has occupied a place at the table.

Nature is a great feast. We know this. But the way humanity chooses to use only the choicest of cutlets to feed itself with cut price ready meals on countless supermarket stores around the world demonstrates that, while the great economists may understand the nature of pricing, they know nothing of the laws of sustenance, whether nutritionally or ecologically.

When the fish are gone they will be gone. No amount of attempts by humanity to reintroduce them to seas now barren of their ancient species will return to the oceans that life that at the moment struggles to survive in the face of massive over-exploitation and factory ships that hoover up every living thing and turn it into fertilizer, if it cannot be recognised and tinned. How soon before species are lost to the recognition of the ordinary buyer and ‘white fish’ or red, replace the names we once knew. Herring, Cod, Mackerel, Haddock. Only juveniles remain!

In the 1960s the Hungarian tradition of hurdy-gurdy playing was reduced to a single man. Fortunately he had several pupils who took on the instrument and kept the tradition alive. But we have to say they kept alive only the techniques they had learned from him, or perhaps others they discovered for themselves. Other players with their own regional styles were long gone and lost and in a sense a new tradition of hurdy-gurdy playing in Hungary developed. Consider the situation of regional styles in Irish music that disappeared through the dominance of Michael Coleman whose recordings made famous a particular style of playing. Other styles were lost before this onslaught of the recorded renditions of tunes. That the man was a genius is not in question. Only that once lost a thing – whether it is a style or a species – can never be refound.

To those who claim that ‘we have the eggs and sperm of all the species’ I would say only this. The embryos of a species do not carry the culture of that species. And for those who would argue that species other than human have no culture I say you speak from ignorance, not insight.

But let us not dwell on this perspective alone. Let us adopt an alternative view of life on Earth.

Let us consider that we are simply a benighted planet lost in the darkness of our own introspection and that we are visited on a daily basis by civilisations that cross the stars to get here. It is in the interest of the politicians of the Earth to deny the existence of UFOs and thus of other life forms. Or at least it has seemed so to some. But, like the sun, UFOs don’t shine on some and not on others. But expose themselves to all and any.

While commercial exploitation of the dwindling resources of humankind suggest the way of the future is through ‘space exploration’ and exorbitant fees are charged by those who have access to the machines needed to propel the unlikely customer out to the edges of the atmosphere, it is evident that already a galactic civilisation, or indeed many Galactic Civilisations exist with machinery of a far more sophisticated nature than any attempts we make to build rooms that can float in the upper air for a day or two before crashing back to Earth. Each time we puncture the sky with these bullets we rend a further hole in the upper atmosphere. Let me unfold that thought.

The air has existed in stratified layers for millennia undisturbed by anything more than the flight of birds or butterflies. Do I hear descension claiming that I have said the planet is visited by intergalactic travellers. Well let us deal with that later. For the moment it is evident to even the lamest among us that the atmosphere is stratified. We can even see it in the clouds themselves. Some fly very high and thin wisps of clouds are seen on bright summers days. Other clouds lie low across the land, sometimes even enveloping the hills themselves. It is clear that these move across the land, independently of the movement of the land beneath them.

Just so with those greater layers which make up the atmosphere as a whole, these surfaces move at varying rates dragged by the turning of the planet below them. When we send a rocket up from a given point on the Earth’s surface we do not puncture the same part of those sheaths each time, because they are in motion. Each time we tear another hole in the skin of the air that protects the planet beneath it. These punctures weaken the integrity of the whole skin of sheaths that protect us from all sorts of nasties, not least of all radiations that we have not formerly met with so strongly.

Astronomers speak of Mars as having only a thin atmosphere. Some suggest that some planets and satellites have lost their atmosphere, that it has been torn away from them.

As we puncture the skies with our rockets we place ourselves in danger of entirely ripping the air strata and finding the atmosphere bleed away from the planet at the mercy of those other forces which play upon the system as a whole.

To return to the vexed question of ‘so what about alien visitors in their craft? Aren’t they also puncturing the skies?’ I have said before that it is clear those craft which cross inter-stellar space cannot be powered, as our craft are, by consumable fuels. There are no filling stations in Space. They are therefore travelling on something else which we can conjecture and name as etheric energy fields, or magnetic waves or lines and begin to explore again the ancient wisdoms that remain concerning leylines and other geomantic sciences. Simply said these craft do not puncture the air because they are travelling on waves of harmony and that harmony is such as allows the movement across thresholds by virtue of the sophisticated laws of motion and magnetism they employ.

All too far-fetched?

Oh well, feed your children on human infallibility and superiority, until all life is subjected to your understanding. I hardly need mention that end will come soon.

Vocations and Careers

I have written before on the difference between a statesman and a politician, as well as between a politician and a monarch. Here is a different slant on the same theme.

I am moved to write this following a discussion yesterday concerning the exploitation of those with vocational occupations contrasted with those in careers. This has caused me to look deeper at the question and to wonder what is the difference. My conclusions are contained in this short piece.

Let us first identify of whom we are speaking as it will make the conclusions I have reached easier to understand, no matter how temporary these conclusions might be.

Nursing is very clearly a vocation. This will include all sorts of allied occupations including nanny, baby care and creche work, as well as caring for the elderly or the infirm, and might even extend itself to such tasks as care of the hard of hearing, or sight impaired, those suffering from disabilities and mental crises. Animal rescue and welfare too. Related to these we might add teachers of all ages, and indeed such occupations as firemen, postmen and women and ambulance drivers.

It is clear from these that the emphasis, in all of those pastimes, is service to others. The primary concern is the well-being or education (another form of well-being) of others. The emphasis is very much on service.

This is distinct from a career. Here we might speak of those involved in the entertainment industry, particularly the media and sport, and those that are broadly classed as ‘the professions’. This includes doctors, dentists, estate agents, insurance salesmen, politicians, bankers and, of course, solicitors. The primary aim here is to ‘get ahead’, to make a name for oneself and to be recognised. The focus is on the self, not on the service one is offering to society at large or to others. The primary concern is exploitation of a societal need, not service to individuals in unfortunate circumstances. This is not to suggest that all lawyers are scoundrels of the Marx brothers variety, and many no doubt do enter the service to aid others in difficulty. But it is also clear that the career – the word itself gives a clue – is founded on personal excellence, not on excellence of service.

One career which we might point out as an exception to the rule is that of diplomatic envoy and the diplomatic service in general. The focus here is not on the individual so much as on the service to the nation, and nations, that is undertaken. This is very different from the self-seeking so evident among many politicians. In general one might say that the Civil Service is directed by service rather than self-interest, which is not to speak of the internal struggles of individuals within the service. Indeed government at the administrative level, – local authorities, as well as national functions – demands a degree of integrity which is too often not found in the public face of government, whether in terms of the local councillors and mayors, or the much discredited political world of public office.

When one speaks of a vocation it is often termed a ‘calling’. One is called to teach, or called to nurse and care for others. One is not called to be mayor or minister of the interior, though one may be asked to take this post.

When we use the word career we also mean something which is running away with us. A horse, a car or a bicycle careers along the road, and indeed may career dangerously. This can speak to us of ‘sailing too close to the wind’, such as may occur in the question of shady dealings and other corruption. If too successful one may attract the attention of unsavoury characters.

What relationship there may be between the temple, the lodge and the career is a question I shall not consider here. Suffice it to say that a career demands a certain seriousness of purpose about oneself and future life, where a vocation simply demands compassion for others.

Neither shall I discuss the fairness and morality, or otherwise, of exploiting those who choose to follow their hearts and serve others compared with the exploitation of society at large by those following their careers.

I will add a note here that among those involved in higher and adult education there are few true academics. I met only two during my tenure at University – sufficient to demonstrate to me that I was not in any way an academic myself. Most simply read the opinions of others and re-present them to their students according to the curriculum and demands of the times. This is no more than to re-iterate a statement made before, regarding scientists, that there are few true scientists where most are technicians, though I do not recall who it was made the statement initially.

Armageddon or Universal Civilisation

Let us suppose that the Earth has been visited by UFO’s – craft originating in some other location than the Earth herself. We must conclude that those visiting – recognising there may be more than one source for these visitors – have conquered Space travel. Since the visits are often disputed -some people of high integrity identifying and seeing the craft and others denying their existence, possibly due to a political motivation, but possibly because they have not themselves been able to see the craft – we might conclude that the craft themselves have some form of cloaking capability.

So, all of these provisos taken into consideration the question remains, why are some parts of humanity spending huge amounts of money- and finite resources – to develop a technology which already exists? In brief there is a Galactic civilisation which exists and to which we are returning members, yet those who are developing ‘commercial space flights’, for the ultra wealthy it has to be stated, are actively holding back the acceptance of Earthly humanity into the Galactic fraternity from which we stepped away such a short time ago.

Let us be clear the starlink initiative is being sold to us as ‘a communications network that will surround the planet and allow 5g coverage of the entire globe’. But we would be fools to accept that this is the primary purpose of the project. It is clearly a massive military coup to have a global network with which to survey the planet. We are already shown satellite images that identify single houses, if not the people supping tea within them. We can be sure that we are not shown the fullest precision of such networks as is available to those who have subversively developed them.

Meanwhile the atmosphere is damaged by the use of bullet powered rocketships, piercing the protective layers of that most wonderful of things, which has sheltered us throughout the course of our evolution on Earth. Clearly oil powered, that is to say, chemically driven, vehicles are not the solution to inter-stellar travel. There are no filling stations en route to the stars.

So we are looking at a military development for the purposes of controlling humanity. Those obsessed with ‘power’, to the extent they have even made God a being of POWER, as if the planets were held in place by an act of WILL, – and God Said ‘Time to go. Lights!’ – maintain their power by causing division between human beings. Sell them arms that they may begin to kill each other and then suppress the killing by using even greater force to subdue those elements chosen to be vilified. I do not wish to suggest that wars did not exist prior to the Bible and its ‘all-conquering heroes’. Far from it. I do wish to suggest that if we are to seek membership of the greater galactic family this is not the way we will accomplish it.

But why, the question is asked, should we wish to join that fellowship when we hold all the resources of Earth in our hands? Well indeed why would anyone want to surrender their wealth for the advancement of humanity as a whole?

So we see the loss of freedom in Afghanistan as the latest tragedy humanity is foisting on itself as the powers that be, who could have prevented the disaster which is unfolding there for many and untold suffering for others, desert their allies and renege on their promises.

We are a morally bereft civilisation I fear. So focused upon our own limited interests that the concept of a fellowship and civilisation which extends beyond the boundaries of the Solar System is unthinkable. It is just too big for most minds to grasp. For others it holds no interest since it does not permit their self-importance to grow in accordance with their desires. But, since those are the same ones that control the media, they foist upon us the notion that ‘science is making tremendous progress in all fields’ when already a civilisation exists that has extended beyond the history – even of the Earth herself- to which we are, should we be inclined, welcome to join. If we will only use our Will correctly and direct it to our own lives, instead of into the world and upon others.

Each person is an instrument of the Divine Will. Each individual is possessed of a Will which in origin is Divine. Be brave and give it back to the Divine, in gratitude and confusion. “This is yours. I don’t know how to use it. Please accept this gift and with it myself, that I may serve you more perfectly in this world.”

The Reasons for Seasons

Most of nature remains silent much of the time. It would be false to suppose this to mean they do not communicate with one another and chat away just as any other species. It is only the clamour of the human race that prevent us from hearing more closely the conversations that pass daily between them. A clamour made more emphatic by the daily round of drivel the media pour into the mind of its users. The glib phrase, the endless repartee. A friend was once asked – or himself asked – what is the greatest movement in the universe? His response was digestion. Nature is a great feast, for which we are all grateful. Even those who think that food comes from a 35 hour week working in the bank.

For the majority of animals they are either prey or predator, rarely if ever both. But both perceive the value of silence. For the prey no noise is a safer policy since the slightest sound might betray one’s presence to a predator. Only among the young do we find unrestrained noise making. Calling for food or jabbering with one’s confreres until, as they grow, they learn the art of silence. Among predators the need for silence is again in betraying presence but this time in the reverse direction – towards potential meals. Part of the reason humans are afraid of spiders is due to the stealth with which they approach.

An obvious exception to this generalisation is among birds. But birds have a tactic which is not available to most land animals. They can fly. So they chatter away among the bushes and come down to ground to pick and peck away until a sudden disturbance will cause them to fly in a flock up into the branches above them. However among birds which live primarily on the ground and only give way to flight on rare occasions we find again the law of silence dominates their lives.

It will be noted that many animals have distinct seasons in which they are available for impregnation and a subsequent season when they give birth to their young. The red deer have their rutting season, the elephant comes into must. Why should this be so? With humans this is not the case. Neither is it the case with cattle, both of whom, humans and cattle, carry their young in the womb for nine months before giving birth and both of whom may become pregnant at any time of the year. It is for this reason, the suggestion is, that the Hindu counts the cow as sacred – and not to be eaten – and that Pythagoras said that both the cow and the human left the tree of life at the same juncture on that stem.

However to answer the question posed before, one reason would seem to be that in having a distinct season of the year in which all the young are born allows a maximum chance for the young of any individual mother among the pack or herd or flock, to survive the predations of those animals which use that species as a food stock. The principle is the same as the herd instinct. By having a surfeit of young most of the young will survive. One cannot be sure of this if they are dropped haphazardly across the year. For a given period of time the herd is on maximum alert. This would not be possible throughout the year.

Why should cattle be different? I have no answer for that at present. It is certainly not learned behaviour. It could denote a close association with the Moon, since the Moon governs ovulation and is probably the reasons the sky was seen in some traditions in the form of a cow, and with it the galaxy called the Milky Way. The word Galaxy itself is directly related to milk, through the Greek Galacto. It is after all the sound that a child makes on slurping down its mother’s milk. Perhaps it was to suggest to humans that they, too, are a species of animal.

What is generally not accepted by those who propose the existence of a soul, however is that the human is not so different from other species and wanders between the whole of the animal kingdom in search of experience and understanding. Perhaps that is only a recent western predilection. The Celts acknowledged such a migration as their literature demonstrates. Certainly the Hindus accept the possibility of animal incarnations according to the virtues of one’s current lifetime. The Buddhists too, that schismatic Hindu expression, accept that incarnation into the animal kingdom is possible, even issuing directions on passing through the Bardo, or lower astral as Western Occultism might call these realms, to avoid such an eventuality. Needless to say the Shamanic cultures around the world also accept the full identity of the individual animals and it would be false to suppose that these cultures think of themselves as individuals as anything other than another incarnation of the great principle of life on the planet.

Lyall Watson in his masterpiece Supernature, describes a moment in the annual life of the Pacific Ocean in which, during the full of a given moon, all of the species of creatures release their seminal fluids and the ocean blossoms with this flurry of fertility.

Honour Thy Father And Thy Mother.

As the population of the Earth suffers a pandemic manufactured in the labs of Hunan province China, the armed forces stealthily build a strategic satellite net around the planet. They seem to be of the opinion that humanity needs to be trapped in and pour the resources of the world – surely those belong to the planet and not any individual, company or person alike – into creating a barbed net around the planet in case anyone escapes detection.

They refuse to believe that the Earth is part of a dual system with the Moon and think you can safely place a shell between the womb and the embryo in this life sustaining system. As the months go by, tides flowing in and out lulling the Earth with their song, these madmen and women, obsessed by their own power and wealth, identifying wealth as power and power as God, go on puncturing the atmosphere to lay another road of steel around the girth of the planet.

This they say is to allow for 5G wifi access anywhere in the world – like, yeah we’re gonna buy that – while for the canny there is the obvious military advantage to seeing into everyone’s backpocket.

But they seem to think that spraying the planet with further electromagnetic signals – already burning the forests of the Earth to cinders, the oxygen factories for the planet – will bring some bias in the political domination race.

Keep feeding the people the idea that ‘democracy’ means they have a say in what goes on, when they can’t even determine the rules laid down by the local council, and feed them on cheap steak and all will be well. The people won’t ask what’s going on over their heads. But here’s the rub.

It is not over their heads when the trees outside your home, a home your family has lived in for generations, are bursting into flames because some lack of insight, or carelessness, on the part of the military minded is pushing the micro-wave generation into extinction – along with koala bears, brown bears, squids, oysters and coral.

I cannot say it loud enough. Controlling carbon-dioxide emissions is a blind to the very much more dangerous and real threat posed by mobile phone networks, tv satellite stations, and general broadband – all the toys the kids like to play with – CO2 is as nothing in this fight against global warming. What does it matter how much CO2 there is when some other idiot is steadily roasting mother earth?

I was once asked – do you know how a microwave oven works? I said ‘Yes. By frightening the water.’ ‘Well you’re almost right,’ he said, ‘it is by rapidly reversing the polarity of the magnetic field around the food.’ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘frightening the water.’

But mine is a little voice, speaking in defence of the insect’s babies, and the chicks in their eggs. You have poisoned their brothers and mothers with insecticides and growth hormones, agricultural products – a thin guise for keeping the arms factories ticking over in the event of an unexpected war, or a planned one – and wonder why Earth is fighting back without quarter to rid herself of this monkey-minded infestation called – wealth and civilisation. Capitalism and criminality I call it. When I don’t call it ignorance and arrogance. Honour your father and your mother – the ancient text declares. Well where is it?