I have been teaching Sacred Dance for more than 37 years. Mostly in Scandinavia and Germany in the 1980s and subsequently more widely. If you would like to know more about my dancing please visit Trinity Sacred Dance. You’ll find me on Facebook too.

A lifelong interest in cultures, whether historic or indigenous, lead me to study Archaeology at St David’s College Lampeter along with IT and Religious Studies. Researching Middle Eastern mythology I discovered St David”s offered Sanskrit. I was also able to study film-making 

My love of languages has not left me speaking that many foreign tongues but with a deep and abiding interest in the lesser known phrases and words indicative of origins and shared experience. 

I have written a number of manuscripts – Sound Values, studying the spread of root syllables from the Middle East; Dance the Step, and introductory Grammar to dance; Principles of the Arts a study of the use of certain terms and phrases across the various art forms; Dance Mythology in Movement an exploration of Greek Gods as they are represented in traditional dances. 

I designed a Pack of fortune telling cards based on Pictish designs.

A lifelong interest in Fairy tales and mythology has lead me to explore these traditions wherever I have found myself.