An Extraordinary event

Last night I had an amazing dream. I was with a group of people – could be called several groups of people – around a sort of informal camp site, or farmyard. Difficult to say, there were buildings there, but the dream took place outside, around at least one camp fire.

I was thrilled to be announcing to others that we had finally rid ourselves of the dreadful disease that has infected the human race and blighted the planet for several millennia. The Bible tells us it has been 6 millennia, I don’t know if that is correct. To me it feels a lot longer. But finally we are rid of the egotistical selfish sickness which besets some souls in our sector. As I explained this to one group of listeners, to emphasise the point, I formed my hands into fists and sprang them apart to form a wide opened channel. Like slamming the doors wide open to allow at last a breath of fresh air into our cloistered world. A Cross! It is Done! Like the Long Man of Wilmington, that Pictish carving in East Sussex of their God Atlas. Not that I claim to be Atlas, that honour goes to Plato.

In the original story Atlas did not hold the heavens on his shoulders, as is presented in the story of Hercules in his encounter with the God on his way to retrieve the Golden Apples of the Garden of the Hesperides. No! Originally Atlas held two staffs keeping the Heavens apart from the Earth. It was as if I held those staffs in my hands and tore them open, thrusting them wide apart.

Naturally the whole race suffers from the sickness when that disease arrives on the planet, which serves for a duration, as a sanatorium for those poor souls who take themselves to be praiseworthy, and the source of bounty to others, and forget that everything comes from the One, whatever name one calls That by. There is plenty on this site about that particular condition if you need more information on it. Dig around.

So for a long time now we have all suffered under this blighted sense of self-importance. We have forgotten that the soul roves through the animal kingdom, weaving in and out of human incarnation, and somehow take ourselves to be different from animals, superior to, and no relation to, them. This has lead to the dreadful exploitation we witness, and the pollution which destroys our rivers in the run off from over-exploited animals’ waste.

These bales of ‘haylage’ are addictive. The cattle love it and get their heads stuck into it, but it weakens their bodies, as can be sensed from the stench of the scours it gives them that pervades the fields after ‘muck spreading’. Once cattle poo smelt healthy. Now it just smells sour.

To add to this sense of wonder with which I awoke, after the dream announcing the end of our trial, I heard on the news, of the amazing aurora that appeared last night across the whole of the United Kingdom. An unusual event indeed. The Sun itself, it seems to me, is celebrating the end of that sickness with a Heavenly Rainbow event.

To complement all of this I notice that the Sun is one day short of conjunction with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, the New Age. Our sign of release, respect and fellowship.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.