Righting the Wrongs

“You cannot right the wrongs of the world. The wrongs of the world is how the wrongs are righted.”

This thought was in my mind as I woke the other day. It was with reference to the injustice that is so evident in today’s world. As the western powers build towards the prophesied Armageddon as if it is inevitable and the Sub-postmasters attempt to gain some semblance of justice from the onerous behaviour of the leaders of the Post Office.

It lead me to reflect that the wounds of the past need to be cleared, from each individual, as well as every nation. This cannot be done by legislation, that is, by any form of unilateral declaration. It has to be endured and the Karmic imbalance rectified.

So instead of battling windmills I suppose one is better guiding gently the one’s around oneself to embrace forgiveness and lick their wounds until they are clean and freed from the scars and scabs that the past has put upon each of us.

In the meantime the imbalance in the world, the wrongs as they are perceived, must remain in place until such time as humanity learns it is better to co-operate than to resist, Nature in particular, and that the wrestling goes on within the individual, not projected on to others around oneself.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.