Water – again

In 700 BCE Hesiod wrote

“ Never make water in the mouths of rivers which flow to the sea, nor yet in springs; but be careful to avoid this. And do not ease yourself in them: it is not well to do this.”

Apparently the Water Companies of the British Isles – and I suppose the same is true elsewhere – have not read the words of Hesiod, or paid heed to them, and as a consequence pour untreated sewage into our rivers. For profit. They do this so they can spend money on their investors.

They even take the opportunity to borrow huge sums of money – because they are large corporations and can do this.

The upshot of which is, when it is realised that the rivers are flowing with death in the form of pollution and human waste, the companies look to the gullible public, often in the form of the government, to pay the bills for modernisation and conforming to the ill-applied laws which are made to govern their behaviour.

But the public have already paid their bills. The companies chose to push this money into the pockets of their investors. Such actions are not without their repercussions. The people who take these decisions, whether they are on the board that delivers the decisions, or implementing them on behalf of the owners, will find their lives crippled and thwarted by disease and other irreparable loss.

This is not to make an idle threat, nor to suggest that I would in anyway seek to harm another. Rather this is offered as a warning and an aid to those finding themselves in the untenable situations which lead to such actions.

The same advice is extended to those working in the chemical industry seeking to poison the earth and fields with ‘agricultural fertilisers’. There is no excuse for pollution. Least of all the suggestion that ‘it is good business’.

No, actually it is not, now that Earth has taken her destiny back into her own hands.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.