There is an advert currently on tv, not sure what it is advertising. A new model of car I think.

A young women asks in a virile, almost seductive voice, ‘What do you Trust?’ and extends her question to specifics.

Do you trust Routine? Do you trust Money? (Here her voice takes on a particularly harsh note.)

Do you trust Promises? Do you trust Fairy Tales?

I cannot help but feel the person who devised this advert has a deeply cynical outlook on life. Just from the juxtaposition of Promises and Fairy Tales. It indicates that they consider promises worth nothing. I suppose they have been severely let down so often as to consider no-one trustworthy anymore. And how must this reflect in their own lives? Promises – as Paul Simon sings ‘All lies and Jests’. If a person cannot keep their word they cannot keep anything. Not respect, certainly not trust, not honour. Nothing worth keeping and maintaining.

Anything worth having is backed up by action. It saddens me that one so young, as the woman speaking appears to be, should feel that these words are valuable.

Or is that the age we are moving into? There do seem to be a lot of programmes on tv showing ‘fraudsters’, ‘cheats’, two timing women and men, liars, charlatans, scam artists and others who wish to dupe individuals or society at large.

It is not surprising then to hear that, as the supposed Native American saying has it, ‘white man speak with forked tongue’. Who can blame them in this observation? Has deceit become so deeply ingrained in our society that we accept it and have to be warned against it?

It saddens me to see social values degraded to such an extent as to be considered the norm.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.