Darkness and Light

The idea that Darkness – and hence Black – is equivalent to evil is at most a partial insight. It is true that the darkness of ignorance, what might be called the lower darkness, is not a force to follow. The higher forms of Darkness provide depth of insight, and tolerance, that we are unaccustomed to share in, in this light dominated world.

Probably promoted by the Christian Church, and possibly the Biblical traditions throughout, the idea that white means pure and is identified as good, has ridden the human psyche long enough.

When we consider that the source of ‘Light’ in our little world, is the Galaxy herself, we quickly realise that the Galaxy lies within the womb of Night. While this is understood as the unkown and faced with fear is a failure to value polarity. There basks Vishnu on his back, lying in the midst of the Cosmic Ocean. This would be the heaven into which Jesus and Mohammed are said to have ascended in their respective religions. Hesiod does not define the nature of Chaos, from which all else is born. However after the Earth and Eros, the two forms manifesting from Chaos that he details in Theogony, are both forms of Darkness.

But to ignore the depth of Night which carries the Galaxy, is to fall prey to the one sided Scientific view of Creation as a mechanical device governed by Gravity alone. This lack of insight is typical of the modern approach to Creation. Creation is seen as a thing we can play with and manipulate to our hearts content, without suffering the consequences. We are discovering that this careless attitude is remote from the actuality of Consciousness manifesting the world about us.

Slowly humanity awakens from the nightmare of hypocrisy and double dealing that has been foisted upon us, firstly from the religious side of our make-up, and secondly from the reaction to that, in the form of mundane science. I call it mundane because it is still ego-geo-centric. I AM The Great I AM, as my mother would say.

Humanity exists alone on this planet, the only expressions of intelligence, so the political forces of the world attempt to assure us. This is the only living planet in Creation. How drunk they are on their own self-importance.

Incarnation is a slow tool whereby to learn lessons. Not the limitations into which one may be born, loss of limbs, mental disability and all of that, but also from one life form, human, to another, horse or dog, elephant or pangolin, cow, sheep or pig. The evolution of Consciousness upon this planet is going much faster than these series of lives allows for us to learn the lessons they hold.

I am not suggesting that these exchanges will cease to continue, but that we must awaken more swiftly in this lifetime to the changes that are upon us. Not only to awaken to the changes – the destructive powers placed in the hands of individuals the world over are unlike anything we have seen in our recent millennial history. For centuries tribes have fought one another. Nations have taken-up arms against each other in an attempt to steal the land from one another. But never have we seen hand guns which spray bullets so fast they can kill a dozen people in the space of a minute or so. You couldn’t do that with sling shot or arrow. But also to revise our values and prejudices, to align with a better future existence together.

So, to conclude, no! white does not mean right, and pure and good and holy, and darkness evil, negativity or any of the rest. Rather I invite you to bask in the gentle underlying presence of Night within you and around you. She alone is the best of manifest Consciousness.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.