New Diseases

There is a panic among the western nations regarding the possibility of another pandemic. In Britain everyone over the age of 50 or 65 are advised to get a ‘free’ shingles’ shot. I have just read an article in which it is stated that the US is stockpiling a vaccine against H5N1, avian flu, which is supposedly devastating the bird populations of the world. ( This is a mask to hide the true cause which is increased radiation, sometimes to alarming densities, from stations around the world. One has to ask why is commerce, and in particular the United States, waging a war against nature at this precarious time for all of life on the planet.

However this was not my intended subject today. That was to look again at the origins of life theories current among scientists in the world today. We have seen that there are those in the scientific community who are still trying to sell the 1950s Frankensteinian theory that life began in a cess pool under electrical storms. The other popular theory among scientists is that it came here from Outer Space in the form of bacteria that drift through Space looking for new homes to settle in.

When we consider that a huge amount of money, and people’s time, was invested in dragging home to Earth a small quantity of rock dust from a neighbouring asteroid, ‘to see what we can find’, the question arises how likely is it that these samples carry in them bacterial spores of orders of infection which we have never encountered? Enough home grown diseases are being released into the atmosphere with the melting of ice at the poles laid down centuries ago.

The idea of scouring Space for ideas as to the origins of the Solar System, or Life on Earth, or indeed, the origins of the Universe itself, seems to my mind, not only a facile waste of resources, but also a potentially deadly threat to all life on the planet.

However as we have seen there are plenty of those already present on the planet not to need new threats to this fragile ecosystem. Let those sceptical of such a statement disprove that this is a fragile – and integrated – ecosystem.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.