Universal Resonance

I have written before on the topic of energy as the basis of scientific definition and calculation. It is claimed by modern science that everything is merely energy in various states of expression, frozen, active, incendiary. My argument is that this is an incomplete picture and that Form also plays a part since, if electrons leap out to wider orbits, or orbital shells, with the application of energy to an atom, then clearly there are predefined orbits for them to jump into and this constitutes FORM.

Sir George Trevelyan often spoke of a ‘universe shot through with living thought’. My own understanding is that Consciousness, Sattya, is the source of the universe and that the manifest universe, studied so avidly by modern science, often with disregard to the laws of logic and consistency, is itself nothing other than Consciousness in various states of condensation. An idea similar to that of Science but with certain distinct differences. In particular moral implications.

However increasingly what I am exploring is the Universe as a resonant entity. Everything resounds and in the resounding causes patterns to arise which in turn give rise to further expressions, more remote, necessarily, from the initial cause, as they are the result of the resonances that cause the matrix from which they derive to come into being.

I am grateful for the many experiments going on in this area at last. One comment on the youtube clip above is that I see two leads attached to the metal plate and this must affect the patterns as they form. I am thinking in particular of the indistinct areas, rather than the clear cut lines. In some places there seems to be a loss of shape and a blurring where the rest of the pattern is clear. (Consider 345 compared with 3835, or again the transitions from 4129 and 4173.) I would suggest this is due to the source place the resonance is driven from, as well as possibly the nature of the material on which (in which) the resonance is occurring. .

I share this thought with the purpose of helping others to see a fuller picture of creation on their journeys back to the source. We inhabit a living, singing, ringing Universe. What a joy.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.