Planetary Crisis Deepens

As the planetary crisis deepens, none is more concerned with the well-being of Life on this planet than the Earth herself. I appreciate that for those who measure life in minutes of pleasure and satiation, in pounds and dollars, kilos and miles per hour, it may seem alien to suggest that the Earth is a Living being with a conscious way of working with the life-forms that adorn her surface. The Bible has a lot to answer for. Ignorance masquerading as the ultimate source of Wisdom, it has provided for the perfect excuse to trash everything that stands in the way of a healthy profit. Though healthy is not a word I associate with profit.

Even the rocks are living and conscious though at a level so far removed from human momentary awareness as to seem inert. This is what makes Fracking so dangerous. It is killing the very living rock on which the rest of Life subsists.

The blame for global warming is placed firmly on the shoulders of road users. The production of CO2, and methane are causing the planet to warm up extremely quickly. Yet there is no levy placed on ocean going vessels which carry more than 50 % of the world’s productions from one port to another. No control is placed on those vessels ‘because it would be bad for trade’. Nothing can be worse for trade than loss of a market. Yet without any living thing left on the planet there will be no markets whatsoever. Already this year we are facing a drought and the temperature is still rising. I speak for Britain though I know the same may be found the world over.

Modern agriculture is directed to milk production and beef burgers. Forests are stripped to make way for the ubiquitous cow. Yet it is also commonly known that cows produce methane. We strip away the oxygen generating sources of the planet to replace them with an alien creature producing more of the very gases science tells us are contributing to the cause of planetary warming. This is passed of as market know how and commercial wisdom.

The planet has no choice but to control those things she can control. Clearly she cannot control the production of agricultural fertilisers and pesticides when human directed multinational corporations are set on producing the same and driving their use through crippling advertising campaigns and sales strategies. Whole nations are bound into slavery for generations to come through deals made to the benefit of these same corporations. No-one wants to break the law. No-one wants to seem backward. Farmers are forced to give up their own wholesome seed to plant sterile seeds under agreements signed by their own remote governments. It is easy to seduce a politician or two with a glowing pile of money. This is why the need is felt to extend ‘democracy’ to the world at large. The idea that a single indigenous people on some distant island are not contributing to the net wealth of the banks is untenable to the boards involved.

Soil is burned with the chemicals the companies oblige farmers to put on it. The rivers are polluted and killed – no longer life-bearing – by the run off from agricultural waste and unutilised fertilisers and pesticides. Soil is reduced to dust by the weight of the machines used to plough the fields and scatter the good seed all around. The rivers overflow and run with sewage as flash floods overload the inadequate systems created to carry them and exploited to the benefit of the share-holders. Truly the elders of the Native American people said that when life has been destroyed on the planet mankind will finally realise he cannot eat gold.

Well we are getting there.

The only resource the Earth has to control against this hedonistic uncaring attitude is water. When the fields are dry it will not matter how much chemical is added to them they will simply dessicate and blow away in the wind. Yet still the chemical companies cry for more.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.