To Re-member

For those steeped in mythology the idea of ‘putting back together again’ will be familiar. Probably the best known example of this is the action of Isis following the destruction of her husband Osiris’ body.

However it demonstrates how deeply the mysteries run in the English language that the word for recall should be re-member. To add the limbs to, or return the limbs to.

Taking a few of the nearest languages to our own we find the word in Germn is ‘erinnern’, while French has ‘se souvenir’ a reflexive verb similar in structure to the English ‘re-call’. Even more closely than ‘se souvenir’ is the term ‘rappeler’ and its reflexive form ‘se rappeler’, where ‘appele’ means ‘call’ – as in ‘je m’appelle Keith’. Even the English translation of ‘se souvenir’ which includes ‘recollect’, speaks of this same idea of bringing together, though not explicitly to do with a body.

German also includes ‘merken’, which we cannot help but identify with ‘mark’; as well as ‘bedenken’ and ‘gedenken’, cognates of the English word ‘think’.

Swedish gives ‘kom ihåg’, where ‘ihåg’ alone is given as ‘remember’. Google also gives ‘minnas’, remember, recollect and reminisce.

Spanish gives us ‘recordar’. One cannot help but wonder whether this indicates a tradition of writing everything down and so a legalese bent. However a number of other translations are also given including ‘acordarse de’ translating as ‘call to mind’ where the root word ‘acorda’ is given as ‘agrees’, and ‘tener presente’ which I would give as ‘hold present’.

However none of these languages carries the sense of re-building what was broken. When the mysteries are carried so deeply in a language it should come as no surprise that English has gained the status of lingua franca that it enjoys today. Spirit moves through the broken word. It will be recalled in this connection that when Rome and the Kingdom of France turned their greedy eyes on the Knights Templar it was to Britain that many of them escaped. Perhaps this influx of initiated awareness influenced the development of the common langage.

However it is worth noting that before anything can be re-membered, it must first be torn apart. This is referred to in the modern esoteric teachings as the ‘destruction of the causal vehicle’, in which the causal vehicle is identified with the construction of the ego around the experiences of the current incarnation.

Some people ask me why language and the roots of language are important to me, as also the nature of Numbers. Lost in their speculations on the meaning of the Hebrew alphabet many ignore the living spirit moving through their own lives in the words they speak so often carelessly. But then understanding in some quarters is founded on riddles and jokes and codes that reveal, while keeping hidden. When speech has no purpose, other than that given to it by the speaker, it can swiftly become meaningless, and the ‘word’ of the speaker valueless. Perhaps this explains the actions of the Washington government, so ready to break its word in dealings with other, specifically indigenous, nations. This does not seem to be widely considered.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.