With water as the vehicle of Consciousness – compare Sarasvati, the Goddess of Consciousness riding on a Swan, or Vishnu’s incarnation as a fish, Venus rising from the waters – it would appear that draining the water out of the Earth, in the form of aquifers, will have a detrimental effect of the presence of consciousness throughout the Earth.

Of course, for those who adopt a materialistic perspective and see everything as outside of themselves, as objects on a chess board to push around, here the latest prestigious mansion, there the latest model of car, here the latest model of woman, or boy or other object of desire, the idea that consciousness can be present or absent anywhere other than in the heart of the desires (somewhere below the navel and above the knees) will seem a ridiculous one.

After all, humans are the only sentient creatures, aren’t they? The only ones so evolved that consciousness has developed in them to such an extent that they have learned to be callous.

But for me, and probably many others on Earth in whatever form they choose to manifest, being callous is a sign of lack of conscience, and thus a lowering of consciousness, rather than any evolution of consciousness to its next supreme level of expression.

But then I am someone who declares that consciousness existed before the universe manifested, not as a result of any knocking together of solids, or vast explosion that will eventually run out of steam.

Yet the training we receive to become a manager, and make our way up the ladder, is to be able to say no to others, and to throw them out of house and home, remove their income, and carry this all out under the euphemisms of ‘streamlining the business’, or redundancy, or severance, to save our blushes. The more successful one is at this game the more one is considered to be a useful member of that shrinking number of executives commanding the commercial world.

The next thing to consider is the pollution of water in the form of human excrement flowing into the rivers, and thence to the sea, industrial waste and flow off from fields poisoned with over fertilisation. Areas of the oceans are now called ‘dead’, since the life in them cannot compete with the waste humans discard, as if it is none of their affair. When the rivers that run through our lands are so filthy is it any wonder that human beings treat each other like dirt? Look at the rising misogyny among the rank and file of police forces everywhere?

The exertion of power over others is a sexual frisson. Eventually the object of desire is secondary to the impulse to conquer. It no longer matters whether the object is a child, even an infant, a mature woman, or a boy. It is enough that they are conquered, and subjected to the inflicting dominance of the other. The remorse which occasionally follows is easily dealt with in some form of confessional. But the desire grows more entrenched.

I have a friend who points out that the Oort cloud is made up primarily of water, and is more ancient than the family of planets we call the Solar System. Water, he says, is older than the Sun itself. For me it is apparent that water is condensed consciousness and all that we call life takes place within it. Go figure.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.