Steadily We Roll Along

As we come into the second quarter of this 6th year into the 12 year cycle of extremism we find the reactionary forces of the world are rising.

We have already seen Russia and China consolidating their relationship in defiance of the democratic world’s complaints at the unlawful and sadistic invasion of Ukraine in denial of democracy. Russian information services are totally suppressed, and reference is made to the special military initiative, with any suggestion of a war being strictly taboo. Meanwhile over the last 6 months or so, China has boasted the launching of the largest aircraft carrier in the world, making it 6 in all. The largest fleet in the world. Their population has been kept under lockdown for months with it suddenly released entirely and the social crimes of that nation are already a scandal in the free world.

Meanwhile Italy has elected a far right candidate with known associations with the Russian leader. The French leader has decided that the retirement age should be lifted to 68, without consulting parliament, which has lead to street protests by the general population. But it is the far right government of Israel which has taken the most sinister step in attempting to control the legal system, denying rights to the courts if they do not agree with them.

But let us be clear, the United Kingdom is not immune to these forces as increasingly repressive measures are taken against illegal asylum seekers arriving in this country. They are now proposing to house such arrivals in military camps and prisons, while still failing to process applications for asylum quickly enough.

In America we see the former president Trump being challenged by one court case after another, while his protege in the UK, the former Prime Minister in Britain, faces charges of deliberately misleading Parliament.

It appears that the ‘democratic’ governments want to gain a strangle hold on their societies to push their plans forward, with total disregard to procedure, or concern for the well-being of society.

British Police Forces, and now the Fire Service, are found to be hot beds of misogyny, homophobia and racism with officers in the police force being charged with various serious crimes of violence, rape and even murder.

So what is this cycle and how long will we have to suffer from these outrageous forces? As a 12 year cycle it reflects the movement of Jupiter, which, fittingly enough , is in the sign of Aries, the warmonger, at this time. However, as an 84 year long cycle, it reflects the movements of Uranus currently found in Taurus, a sign known for its bull-headedness.

But what has spurred this comment from me today is that once more the BBC has chosen to have Match of the Day introduced by someone other than Gary Linneker. I couldn’t watrch it. Linneker was suspended initially for making a purportedly political comment on Twitter when comparing the language used to introduce the latest scheme by the Home Secretary as similar to statements made in pre-war Germany. She was deeply offended by the remark and said so publicly on television. The decision to allow Mr Linneker to broadcast as usual at the weekend, on this show which still uses his image for its advert, was suddenly reversed.

I see this as the first step in the suppression of freedom of information in Britain. When a man, (the DG) is prepared to put his career ahead of his obligations to the company he works for, we have to ask is he fitted for the role he has, or are we indeed sliding into tyranny. Oh! Did I say this before?

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.