Two Essential Videos

Here are two crucial videos to watch in this moment of climate crisis, economic collapse and impending war.

PLANET LOCAL – A Quiet Revolution, produced by Local Futures.

and Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh

You might have to rewind them to get to the beginning of these videos.

It is part of my understanding that our role in the world is to inform, ourselves and others, of the highest and the best. A rather different perspective from that held by those wielding power in the world it would seem, living in denial of reality in an attempt to maintain the status quo and control the future. Failing to realise there is no future if we don’t get a grip on the madness which drives the world today.

We must return to community again, and we will not do this by making war on one another, that feeds the very systems of repression which seek to impose their collective wisdom upon us.

It is not a war for democracy but a change in approach to the entire system from education which trains us to sit in classrooms and offices for the rest of our productive lives, to the desire for exotic foods which cost the Earth – like shrimps and beef burgers – to transport systems which drag us away from our homes and carve up the land in some bizarre jigsaw of possession.

My humble rendition of Imagine with thanks to John Lennon,
and to Jo Simon for sequencing the song.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.