The New Is Upon Us

As we move from the fifth root race to the sixth root race the attention of awareness moves from the throat chakra to the third eye. It is necessary to recognise the triple nature of the psychic system in the human body.

As a baby there is only experience. The body, mind and emotions are all experienced and responded to. There is no distinction between them. This integrated unity will not return until the being has achieved the full unfoldment within the shell of the human frame, when all 13 chakras are awoken and functioning. Don’t be deceived, this can be attained in a single lifetime -after all you have been here many times before and have a wealth of experience. But it does require effort.

As the child grows and develops, the first division is into the physical, the emotional and the mental sensations. This is the first triple division which is then mimicked through later developments.

Now there is a centre of focus in the body, in the lower abdomen. This is called the hara centre in some traditions. Next there is the seat of the emotions, the heart, and above it the mental focus, centred in the head. These are the first major divisions of attention or awareness.

The next unfoldment is into 7 centres, though this masks 9 as we shall show shortly. Each of these centres, the Sun in the lower worlds, the Sun in the upper worlds and the Sun in the Heart divide into three again. This gives us 7 vertical centres, but also three horizontal ones. Making the 9 centres of the evolving human. The lower centre divides into the navel centre, the Sun in the lower world which is the sex centre, and the base chakram. Each of these is an extension of the source from which it came. The Sun in the lower worlds (the hara and sex chakra, though these are not the same) is the extension of the Heart, through that first division we looked at earlier. The base chakra and the navel chakra are both extensions of the lower centre. They represent a repetition of the first division, in its lower expression, so the base is the physical body, the sex centre is the emotional centre in the lower realms, and the navel is the mental centre of the lower realms. Each is concerned with well-being in each of those three planes – the physical, the emotional which at this level we can call sexual, and the mental or ambitious aspect of the self.

When we consider the centres above the heart they have divided, like the lower centres, from the third eye, or the Sun in the upper worlds. So the throat represents the focus of ‘I’, particularly of ‘I want’. The third eye represents the focus of the world through the prejudices and preferences of the individual, the crown centre represents the realm of aspiration of the individual.

The three levels of the heart represent three different depths of feeling. the most superficial is the emotions relating to the physical body which change moment by moment, next come the prejudices and preferences, which are more enduring pertaining to the Soul, where to liberate the being within need to be broken free from, and lastly the intrinsic identifcation with some primal quality such as Justice, Love or Beauty. This represents the Divine impulse operative within the individual.

The Age we are moving out from is that of the empirical ‘It is so’ mentality. This is visible in the world through the dictatorial political expressions we witness around the world. Those that demand others conform to their ideas. Opposed to this are the many expressions we are noticing of the new in the world today, such as the LGBTQIA2S+ identification, which seems to be an expansion of the initial LGB that went on to become LGBT and LGBTQ. One wonders where it will end. This fragmentation of the race into sexual preferences is a false one, like every other division. I do not say it is irrelevant, but only that it represents a single element in the continuing journey of self-discovery we are each on. Are any of these questions ever settled?

Yet in the political world we see there are many societies and political or religious structures which deny individuality, from cultural suppression to denial of the right to education – we might go on to include healthcare in that group of social liberties. Often under threat of death.

These extremist positions represent the clinging on to the old in the face of the advancing new that fills some with fear. Whether this is in the realm of science or political and social institutions. It is founded on a basic insecurity which clamours with the thought ‘it was not what I was taught at school’.

So we move from the throat – the place of Adam’s Apple and of vanity – to the place of unfolding experience and wisdom where each is unique and experience is personal. The declarative position of the throat is the blindness which has caused us to move into such a desperate situation as to be close to destroying life on this planet. Conformity was not only encouraged. It was enforced. Everything had to fit into its allotted slot and if it did not it was to be expunged.

This is a mental realm, it is a predominance not of wisdom, but of mental structuring. One size fits all, unless you happen to be part of the elite in which case you were free to choose your own destiny and make your own rules. We saw this with the family that ruled Iraq but this is far from being the only example of such a regime.

With the movement of the attention and awareness to the third eye the place of the heart is restored and we find we are concerned once more with the welfare of all, not simply some. Nor do we demand that all fit into our scheme of things. We move from predetermination in which the scientist declared his or her intention in the experiment they created, along with the result, to that place of true openness to understanding. There are precious few in the academic world who have awoken to this awareness, but they are coming. We move from the place of knowing to the place of wonder. It is a far healthier approach to life. May the transition be a swift one.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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