Lack Of Funds

Having privatised the national industries, Britain has no way to make money to cover the costs of essential services, such as the police, the army and military services, the fire service- or is that a charity? The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is charity, which is an appalling situation for an island nation. This is without actually dealing with the services that find themselves pushed to the extremity of striking to have their plight voiced in the public arena.

The failure to support industries and businesses with their problems created by the rapid and sudden inflation, most notably energy costs – recognising that fuel is the principal driver to the current inflation crisis – creates a situation in which more people will become unemployed. This will limit the number of people in work, and capable of paying the taxes which are the only recourse government has to raising money.

They have sold off the national silver and now find their tails twisted by the disaster that has proven to be. But should you be one of the share holders in the industries under dispute, perhaps the problem appears to be one caused by the work force.

Whether the operators or the managerial staff is a different question, I suppose.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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