Architect of Disaster

When the current Prime Minister resorts to calling names, like any private school playground bully, he is refusing to accept his role in creating the financial crisis so many of us find ourselves facing today.

When that same man was Chancellor he agreed to creating the greatest peace time debt this country has ever known. No-one but himself was responsible for crushing the British economy and blaming it on the ‘Covid pandemic’. Breaking the laws he had been party to making a few weeks before this law-breaker managed to persuade his party that it was not he but some other entity that had caused the crisis the working population of this country are suffering today.

Encouraging local authorities and NHS trusts to send emails to their workers explaining how to use a food bank, was apparently considered a solution to the crisis.

Sunak claims to have come from an impoverished background. His parents could only afford to send him to a second rate public school and not one of the top flight. No doubt it was here that he learned his bullying tactics and resorting to name calling – grinches in this instance – while trying to shift the blame for his own incompetence on to the shoulders of ‘global crises, War in Ukraine, Covid, union leaders’, and anything other than taking responsibility for the mistakes he made as chancellor a few short months ago.

Inflation is very clearly to be placed at the foot of the oil industry raking in billions of profit for its shareholders – how many of them are to be found on the government benches – every quarter. Yet according to the current government the workers are to blame.

It is scandalous and smacks of the arrogance of youth.

Let me give a parallel example. I booked a collection from Evri courier service for Friday. I was sent an email saying the courier would be there to collect them between 11.31 and 12.31, and that I would be informed should any change occur. I waited anxiously for them to be collected. The time passed and eventually at 3.45 I called the help desk. The operator was very helpful. She tried to contact the driver but he was unavailable at that time. She noted that the parcels had been marked as ‘unable to collect; already collected’. No-one had been near our estate. Together we planned an alternative solution which required me driving to the nearest town and leaving them at a recognised drop-off point. The following day at around 12.00 a knock came on the door and a driver stood there asking for parcels to be collected. I explained that ‘no, they had been dropped off elsewhere’. ‘Not to worry’ he cheerily said, and bounced away.

If the driver was over 30 I would be surprised. But what concerned me most, besides his oblivious attitude towards failing to collect these parcels as arranged, is that having marked them as ‘already collected’ the day before they would now be ‘lost’ in the system. In other words this could be, I do not say it was but will complain later to his company, a ploy to steal the packages I had so carefully prepared for collection the day before. I shall complain to the Trading Standards office about this failure to provide the service paid for.

But where does one go to complain of a politician who chooses to flout the law and claim the inflation he created is the fault of others. Particularly when that same politician is the Prime Minister.

When standards have fallen so far in public life is it any surprise that private standards also drop?

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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