A Droplet Of Colour

You are a droplet of colour in a colourless ocean of Consciousness. Blinded by your senses you believe you are separate, isolated in your insularity. But you are not. Only blinded by sight and deafened by hearing. Your consciousness is limited as it pours out through tiny portals into the unlimited world. You witness all about you as equally separated and distinct as you believe yourself to be. You have tried to prove through your speculative ‘science’ that the universe is objective.

When you are off colour you colour all about you with this same discordant vibration you are releasing into the ocean. Everything you do and create carries this signature of your discord with it. Like a bum note in an orchestra, you sound out of place.

But you read these words and laugh at the ridiculous notion that you are part of something so vast as to be endless. You look through telescopes and microscopes and declare this or that is so. Peering at surfaces you challenge others to declare a different truth. As if the sightless can describe the colour of an apple.

Until your reach inwards and turn your attention to your heart you will remain out of place. Introspection is not introversion, for introverted is what you are. The centre of your own universe demanding all around you fit into your distorted moulds. That is self-unconsciousness. That is self-centred. That is egocentricity.

You try to persuade others that your view is correct and that they are somehow limited in their view. Wrong. As if the limits of your experience encompass all, never doubting for a moment that it could be otherwise. Using the very fractured nature of your perception you distinguish this from that and make a heap of like and dislike. The least aspect of your awareness, discrimination, you declare to be the best. On this you forge your way to the grave, in denial that ever such a thing could be. You declare the finality of death as if all responsibility for your actions will cease and you, no longer embodied, will be freed from the mistakes and crimes of your misconstructions on the infinite.

Wake up now. That is the call of Aquarius to all. Take responsibility for your actions and live freed from repercussions, a life of resonant harmony. Founded in gratitude, based on Love and in recognition of the Unity of which you are a tiny part.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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