The Little People

I got a terrible shock yesterday, as I was hanging Christmas decorations with my sister. The star thread we had made became tangled. My sister struggled with one for a while when I said ‘This is when we ask the help of the little people’. ‘I think they did this.’ she replied.

I was shocked. Her only thought of the elementals was that they were vindictive, spiteful creatures, whose purpose was to confound the lives of human beings.

I have worked with the aid of the elementals for years now. Always thanking them for their help as I produce a particularly scrumptious apple crumble, or tasty cheese and tomato slice. Never once thinking not to ask their help when I am doing something complicated or a bit difficult, or had lost or mislaid an item.

I reminded my sister of Peter Caddy’s teaching ‘Good enough for God.’ another concept foreign to her, and, as she wrestled with the knot, said ‘Pour love into all you are doing and it will bring beauty to the result.’

These simple teachings were fundamental to life at Findhorn when I first visited the community in 1980. They have guided my life ever since, as I grappled with the difference between Devas and Angels, elementals and archetypes. These, and the simple teaching I had from Vance Martin, ‘To live lightly on the Earth’. I have tried to embody this. Treading softly as I walked through woodlands and so on. Without realising it I had done this unknowingly as a child, ‘walking like an indian’ I told myself, trying not to break a twig or rustle a leaf as I passed.

It is difficult to remain connected with the Earth when we all wear rubber insulated shoes. We know that rubber is an insulating material that prevents the exchange of energy from one source to contaminate another. Yet we caulk our roads with it as well as our shoes and wonder why people are becoming mad in cities and towns everywhere.

The energies and radiations from outside the planet are absorbed into the Earth to allow the harmonious growth of life here. By blocking it with rubberized roads we cause those same radiations to bounce back into the atmosphere immediately above the tarmacked surface, changing their direction, and wonder why our kids become unruly.

Try reversing the wiring on your plugs and see how many of your devices fail. I am not suggesting you do this as they all will. When the energy is passing the wrong way around a circuit something breaks, pops or burns out. But this is what is happening with your citizens. Ignore it at your peril.

It is to be hoped that the new insights into drainage might go some way to tackle this problem. We are finding, around the world, that the policy to get the rainwater off the streets as quickly as possible leads to flooding overpowering the drains and sewers, following heavy rainfalls. A thing we know is on the increase. So the plan is to create pavements and sidewalks that allow the water to drain directly into the Earth.

It has only taken us 200 years to wake up to the fact that tar macadam causes problems. Although this will be vehemently denied by the oil industry no doubt, which relies on the movement of people and goods by motorized traffic to make their obscene quarterly profits each year. This, in turn, demands regularly surfaced roads to avoid mud slides and deeply dug ruts.

So my advice to everyone is walk about in bare feet to remind you of your connection with the Earth. Never forget you are reliant on the help of the invisible forces we call elementals to achieve any goal you set out to accomplish, and most of all in your everyday lives. I have learned that the elemental kingdoms are most polite. So always thank them and find your lives grow easier and less harassed. Lastly don’t accept that expedient is necessarily best. Sometimes the immediate solution brings untold menace in its wake.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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