Emotional Detritus

I wrote years ago about the lack of human emotional processing as a failure to take personal responsibility, which spills over into the environment in the form of plastic and other waste. I write about it again here. As the ice melts, we are told by scientists, it may release new diseases into the atmosphere. Water, holding emotions, certainly releases the anguish of the past centuries into our environment.

As the age of Pisces falls behind us, face it the world is a different place since the 1990s, we begin to see the world differently from before. How strange that a number, 2000, could have such a major impact on a species. But such we observe is the case. Humans are becoming more aggressive and ruthless. We hear a lot about the holocaust and the slaughter of the Jews, and witness Israel, riding on the back of this sentiment, treating its neighbours in the same discreditable way as the very thing they decry from the past. I ask are these the ones who suffered it, or those who perpetuated the atrocity?

If the Age of Pisces was the age of Forgiveness, love your neighbour as yourself, and the Age of Aries before it as the age of National Identity, our God is a jealous God, a sentiment on which Israel seems to be founded, then the Age of Aquarius is the Age of Personal Responsibility. You are accountable for YOUR actions, both nationally and individually.

As a species we are being forced to take responsibility for the unbridled greed which directed the last 100 years, since the discovery of Oil and the internal combustion engine; which saw the formation of faceless corporations and multinational businesses whose principal purpose was perpetuation. They have no moral sense but speak of, ‘it’s not personal, its business’. Difficult to explain to the man with a gun at his head that it is not personal – nothing could be further from the truth. It is intensely personal.

Yet we see nothing but the blame game going on. Politics is a game of personal promotion, not personal responsibility, a game of ego. ‘The honourable member’ precedes many a vindictive statement of virulent accusation against another for their failure to grasp the reality of the situation and, while the emotive talking goes on, nothing changes. The same greedy hands grab at the increasingly small return as life is subsumed by a sea of unprocessed emotion and the land is littered with plastic waste.

Perhaps you see plastic waste as a sign of progress and how far we have come from the caveman with his club. I do not see it that way. Clubs may be different today but the promoting of dangerous fuel sources while ignoring Nature’s instruction on the issue is about as impoverished an outlook as we can adopt.

The government tries to put the blame for inflation on Covid, the war in Ukraine, Global conditions while refusing to offer workers a wage which truly reflects the costs of the day. Anyone sitting in the petrol station can see clearly that if you double the cost of fuel in a year of course the prices on the shelf will increase by a like amount or more.

The elected government under its former leader smashed the British economy and as a result of the then pandemic threat, asked us all to stand on the doorstep and clap the nurses and frontline workers.

A pay deal was offered to the ‘frontline workers’, listed as Doctors, Dentists, the Police and the Army. No mention was made of Care Workers or Nurses who daily tended the sick and vulnerable.

On the anniversary of the founding of the National Health Service the Tories appeared in Parliament wearing NHS badges. As if this was the target of their economic collapse. They have borrowed the largest amount of money that this nation has ever owed in peacetime, with the rider that the working public will pay this back over the coming years. Get it straight. They gambled your future away while removing your services. One sleazy accusation after another until a majority of ministers were forced to resign. These are the days of ego-promotion Johnson, Trump, Putin. One sore loser after another.

Now we find the chancellor who authorised those debts, a man of great wealth, has been elected by a clique of politicians to be their leader and blames the transitory PM, and her chancellor, for creating the mess he so boldly got us into. His sole solution appears to be throw money at it and blame the others.

But I don’t wish to suggest that we are living in Disraeli’s Britain though there seem to be those who wish to return us to those times.

But look at the news this week. We have another example, on a personal scale, of unprocessed emotional expression poured out for public consumption. Is it any different you might ask? Once more we find the royal household is chosen as the brunt of an emotional outburst. This time against a servant of the crown. I do not wish to deny Ngosi Fulani her right to live and work here, nor her integral part in British society today. But I do ask why, in these days when ‘roots’ are so important to so many, she chooses to turn her back on a noble West African heritage.

Of course I was not party to that conversation and so cannot comment on the exchange other than to say that the response I see from Ms Fulani is founded on ego and a total lack of taking personal responsibility for the affair. I doubt we shall hear the other side of the story. I have no doubt that actions can be misinterpreted, any more than I doubt that arriving with an agenda colours the encounters we embrace.

Personal responsibility speaks of grace in adversity, not bellowing as if stuck against a perceived injustice. But who am I to speak of such things? I say only that it is difficult to heal a hurt after raising its profile so high. Watch out for bullying in the workplace everyone. It’s coming down the tracks to you at high speed.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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