Another Door Shuts

Since 1988 I have been watching and feeling the keys turn in the locks as we have moved towards a new era of Life on Earth.

I have spoken long and loudly about the end of the era of the Fall recorded in the Bible and in some cases explained the mechanics of that change.

On Tuesday there was a new moon. This followed the change in direction of the planet Saturn and, incidentally, the appointment of another new Prime Minister in British politics. At the same time there was a partial eclipse of the Sun visible in various parts of Britain.

Lets give this all some context. Since February this year the leader of Russia has put the rest of the world on notice that he may use nuclear missiles to further his ambitions of building a secure state in Russia. He has invaded a sovereign country, denying their democratic rights and freedom of speech and annexed parts of that country, people say between 15% and 25% of Ukraine has been annexed and now declared to be parts of Russia. All to ensure access to the Black Sea through the port of Sevastapol in Crimea, an area Russia invaded to the dismay of the population and seized in 2014. Systematically destroying the infrastructure of the nation of Ukraine Putin is forcibly moving large sections of Ukrainian people out of their homes into Russia potentially to disappear without trace. Beyond racking up terrible debts to the democratic world Ukraine fights nobly back in defence of democracy and a liberal way of life. People in Russia are silenced and imprisoned if they complain about the excesses of the regime and the war continues unabated in Europe. Following almost 70 years of peace.

The response to this in Europe is a rising once more of fascist and extreme right wing politics. Often with close ties to Moscow.

Meanwhile China is taking similar steps against its own people. Forcibly indoctrinating large sections of the population and imprisoning them for avowing their faith. A true genocide is taking place against the Uighur people, just as happened with the Tibetan nation 60 years ago. At the same time China is threatening to invade Taiwan which it claims as a part of China, the people in Hong Kong have had their democratic privileges removed, despite the accord signed when the British handed Hong Kong over to China years ago. North Korea, ally of China, is firing missiles close to, if not over, Japanese territory.

The world stands on the brink of World War Three.

Following the New moon on Tuesday I heard and felt a huge thud, as of a heavy door closing. I have been mystified by it until today when the response came through very clearly that it was a further turning of the Karmic Wheel.

In 1988 I was made aware of a Karmic mirror being raised that faced three moments in the history of the Earth. The first was Hiroshima and the nuclear explosions the US made against that nation to end Word War Two. The second place of reflection was back to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Golgotha, the place of the Skull. The third was to Montsegur at the time of the merciless persecution of the Cathars and the burning of 300 souls alive for adhering to their faith in the face of torture and cruelty of the reigning political forces in Europe and the Catholic Church.

The world has grown colder since Tuesday. A corner has been turned. No, more accurately, a door has been closed, as we now enter into the new era of the planet in which the war is not against other nations but against life itself. It is not simply a battle of ideologies, but a wilful ignoring of the discoveries of science that declare we are in danger of wiping life off the face of the Earth entirely. What matter whether one declares oneself supreme oliphant or hierarch, or instrument of the people or the rightful leader of the free world or any other term one might choose to look at oneself in. The battle is between the greedy exploitative mentality this wayward creature humanity has adopted and the gasping cries of creatures under threat of extinction. We have to see what the next few years hold as we go forward under the uncaring attitude adopted by our leaders. I suggest it will be difficult and where it is not we must thank God and the Galaxy, our natural home.

The Galaxy is the source of Life, and those which threaten her presence on the planet will find their own paths diverge from her surface as the winnowing takes place.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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