The End Times

In these days of ecological disaster, exacerbated by mad men making war for no reason other than to terrify the world, or suppressing others for fear of their faith, I recall the central role played by San Francisco in the music of the 60s.

I asked myself why in the early 1980s, and realised that the reference was to St Francis of Assisi. Suddenly it all made sense. From the Byrds singing Mr Tambourine Man which served to me as a wake up call as it rang through the ethers. The Beach Boys telling us about ‘Good Vibrations’ and the musical Hair, a truly prophetic work, reminding us ‘This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.’ Then I saw the Beatles and the Animals singing about love and how we had to get out of this place if it was the last thing we ever did.

Well it looks like it could be. The Yellow Submarine I interpreted as the Solar System. We all live in the Solar System along with all our friends, of many species, and we do have all we need.

We have been suffering from a plague that is a curse within the universe, that of selfishness. We agreed many centuries, even millennia, ago, to take on this curse for a limited period of time.

That period is now ended. Ended in 1988 and now we see the forces of selfishness fighting and struggling to keep hold of all they can grab. Look at Trump’s attempts to take power after an election, or Putin’s attempts to grab as much land as he can before his regime finally collapses. No matter what atrocities his men and military perform.

Nor can we ignore the role that China and other nations are playing in the massive land grab that is going on around the world. The suppression of cultures and the wilful destruction of the environment under Bolsonaro and others, just following the example of their predecessors, wiping out cultures that stand in their way and trashing the Earth for a momentary stranglehold on power.

What paltry creatures they reveal themselves to be, these men who consider themselves important when they are no more than a blink in the eye of history and are gone like dust in the wind.

This sickness, and the role the Earth has played, is recorded in the Bible as ‘the Fall’. I have great delight in declaring that Fall is now ended. It is over.

Listen to the songs from the 60s – the chorus of The Small Faces Itchycoo Park. ‘Its all too beautiful.’

Cross the bridge of sighs, To rest my eyes in shades of green
Under dreaming spires, To Itchycoo Park, that’s where I’ve been.

It is the Nature of Life to Love. Families are not restricted to White Anglo-Saxon Protestants alone. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. All creatures love their own kind and their young. Nature is one great Living Loving Whole. All share in the love for others, especially for the young, even the young of other species. The cynical will laugh and say yes I like lamb or veal or eggs or caviar and so on and so forth. Thinking they are clever in subverting the argument. But how many stories abound of creatures from the animal world rescuing those of other species who are having difficulties. These are the tales to listen to.

Yes, now is the time to extend that love to the entire realms of Life on Earth and beyond. It is all we have, and the Laws of Life are protect the young and the vulnerable. How many governments across the world can truly say they are working for this?

Fortunately for us all, those who gave us the responsibility of shepherding those sickened by their selfishness are also the ones who are capable of liberating us from that sickness. And they are doing so. Don’t lose hope. It looks desperate but even if you lose a life or two your spirit will go on and bring your love to fruition in this world. Most of all remember you are not alone.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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