A Dragon or Two

Interestingly as the Royal vigil took place last evening I saw a Dragon standing enclosing the coffin and catafalque. At one point it raised its head to the heavens and roared, a flame shooting from its opened mouth, up into the sky. I realised it was from here I had heard the booming call of the horn last night. It was this being that had roared across the land.

It stood with wings extended opening across the Hall, still as a statue, yet a living being.

The wings were black, the body also. Though in truth it was radiant as well.

I could not be sure what it represented, where it was from, or indeed whom it might have been, though as I write it comes to me saying “I am a guardian from the Tower of London.”

and continues

“We have an ancient commitment to this land which you as George must understand. The dragons are the vitality of the Elven kingdom, the spirit of the land, in one sense only, there are other aspects which we do not represent but which are represented by others. When you come to learn heraldry you will come to know their stories.

Our role is to stand vigil over the people of this land and serve as instruments of Britannia, the Divine presence of these islands.

It is we who rise when the islands are under threat, and it is we who make her indomitable. Though the islands may be invaded they have never been defeated and the remnants of the many races who have come live on in her today. Ireland too is part of our remit. We do not recognise political boundaries.
Nor are we alone. We have our counterparts across all lands. Though not all may adopt the form of the dragon you see me as now, yet in our natures we are the same.

It is the heart of the people we defend, not its mindset.”

Next morning I saw a gathering of dragons coming from the four corners of the islands of Greater Britain. They came and joined around the standing guardian, folding their great wings about him in love and protection. A small group of perhaps five great beings from each of the nations.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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