Service Never Ends

As I watch the days of preparation for the Queen’s funeral on Monday I am struck by a number of things.

Firstly how Her life was spent in duty even to the last. Even beyond the grave. Two days before she died the Queen relieved one Prime Minister of his Duty and installed another in his place. The Third woman Prime Minister these islands have known. What an impact that must have on her life. I noticed at one point in the rituals that have taken place she was called Elizabeth Truss. I am sure for the whole of her tenure in office she will be serving the Queen and taking her example from the Queen. It could not be otherwise.

Having fought to gain the place as leader of the Conservative party for 7 gruelling weeks over the summer. To be proclaimed as such and know that she would be installed a Prime Minister, a role the Queen could give her. She must have looked forwards to audiences with the Queen to follow her through her days in office. But there will be none. She had that one moment to meet the Queen swear her allegiance and accept her placement in forming a new government, that will be known as Her (now His) Majesty’s Government. Within days the old Monarch died. How could one not be faithful to such a one.

But that is only to look at events through the eyes of one person’s life. Instead what we have seen is the sense of history that all people interviewed have remarked upon. They have flown in from America and no doubt other places around the world. They have travelled from all quarters of the United Kingdom to show their respects. They have stood for hours in the rain to watch the carriage and cortege pass by.

Then it struck me, it is effectively the end of the Covid regime and the number of families across the kingdom that were unable to mourn their loved one’s due to the draconian imposition of rules for our own safety. This event not only unites the people of the United Kingdom but also gives a public face to their grief and an opportunity to say goodbye for them to someone so dearly loved for her own sake, and who played such an important role in the movement and modernisation of Britain, of the Commonwealth and of the World. A sovereign whom their relatives will have served, no matter how distantly. We see a nation in mourning, not simply for the Queen and Royal Family, but also for itself and the suffering it has taken upon itself over the last immediate time.

I hope too the distinction has become clear between the Monarchy, the Government and the City, and that while one may not approve of some of the actions of one or other of these, yet they are distinct bodies and must be respected as such. If we can only see the people who hold these roles within the World we will come to understand more fully our own part in the World and recognise the sacrifice that some are called to make, far exceeding our own.

God Bless the Queen in Her onward journey. Long Live The King.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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