Today is all we have

Today is all we have. There are those who truly believe this and so with greedy hands grab at everything that enters their periphery. There are no consequences in such a perspective. Instead only opportunities missed. This fires the desire for more opportunities. More conquests. And damn those who get in the way.

We see examples of this everywhere in the world. Whether it is Putin’s land grab, or the banks that foreclose on mortgages after conniving to crush the economy and create massive unemployment. Governments that wipe their hands of the consequences of their mismanagement because their bosses tell them what needs to be done. Their bosses not being the people but the lobbyists of various shades of purple. Bruised from their own grabbing at whatever pleases their eye.

At the same time those who espouse this broken philosophy believe themselves to be immortal. How – if today is all we have – can that be the case? Either you are here now and never again. Or there are consequences to every action that will impact upon you.

For myself Today is the biggest deceiver of all. It is not that ‘tomorrow never comes’ so much as that things are rarely what they appear to be.

So we limp on daily through our lives, each with his or her own determination to achieve. But what is achievement if this whole world is a charade?

We do not play on even playing fields.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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