Life Crisis

We hear a lot, these days, of the Cost of Living Crisis, as yet another heat wave hits Britain this year. Bleating about energy bills while huge profits are declared – all to stimulate the fire of publicity.

I expect to hear more wildfires in Britain this weekend and can only say it is not a ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ it is a Life Crisis.

The whole of life on the planet is dependent on a temperature range within a relatively small margin. From about -24C to plus 45C. In turn it is reliant upon abundant water flows.

We hear the principle cause is the use of fossil fuels, but I say again, as I have done in the past, the increase in radiation in the form of television waves, radio waves, satellite radiation and all the rest has expanded by a huge amount since 1945. We are microwaving the planet, but no-one wants to hear this. There is too much money invested in it. In the same way there is too much money invested in nuclear energy and uranium mining.

So when humanity will not listen, the planet will have to take control as she is doing at present.

Record floods occurring in unlikely places, forest fires that are denuding the Earth of her forests, earthquakes. We await the volcanic activity to increase.

While ‘science’ continues to whirl the CERN accelerator faster, and plans new ones, in Lund among others. Technology allows people to work at home – where they can consume their own energy and pay the bills for it, instead of places of work doing so, demanding ever increasing bandwidths and driving the radiation higher still.

It is not a Cost of Living Crisis which is the problem. It is a crisis ignoring the needs of life on Earth. Stacking animals in barns bereft of sky vision, or cool breezes, is not a gift to life. Nor any sign of gratitude towards that wonderful gift we all share. It ‘just makes economic sense’, but to whom and for whom.

We tear up families and crush the life out of the animals we share this world with. Not a case of cut down on fuel bills but simply change your way of living because, unchanged, it means death to us all.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.

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