The three-legged Race

An awful lot of acclaim is sought by Tory party members for their successes in ‘getting on with the job’, getting Brexit done, Covid and the Ukraine. But, hang on, lets have a look at that.

Getting Brexit done, was as I recall a hurried and impatient affair to draw up an agreement which in the last months the government has been seeking to overthrow even- threatened the former Prime Minister – by defying International Law and Agreements already made by that government. It doesn’t even have the excuse that the US Government so often uses that ‘it was not our administration’ that entered into an agreement.

So that’s one cock-eyed success for a start.

Next there is the question of COVID. No praise is given to the scientists who developed a vaccine and production so swiftly. No. It was, according to the cronies, all the government’s doing. The upshot of COVID has been to put the NHS under intolerable pressure leading to many staff leaving, or dying from falling ill through constant contact with the disease. Clapping on the doorstep of number 10 is a pretty empty gesture when protective equipment was slow in coming or unfit for purpose once it got there.

Doctors are no longer accessible, or rarely so. The Ambulance service is appallingly misguided – example, mother had a fall and called for an ambulance. It arrived. They tested her she was fine. They then sat for two hours waiting for a callback from their own control desk. For two hours an ambulance sat outside our door with the driver and his mate doing nothing. No explanation was given. Meanwhile we hear of people dying as they wait for an ambulance. The NHS is broken. It was already stretched before this government invented the COVID excuse to destroy it.

So that’s another leg crippled.

Then we come to ‘the war record’. A pact was made with Afghani people to staff agents serving the British army when they were there. The promise was made that any person serving as an aide would be protected and evacuated in the face of a collapse of presence from the British Armed forces. This ‘heroic’ Prime Minister and his colleagues failed utterly when the time came to rescue their workers, and left them to be hunted down and shot by the Taliban, a fanatical group of misguided religious zealots. even their own Imam tell them there is nothing against women receiving education but even encourages it through statements such as ‘it is better for a woman to receive attention from a female doctor’. How do you get that when you won’t let girls learn to read? The depth of ignorance is appalling.

But the governmental failing in Afghanistan should hardly surprise us when, in the face of mounting criticism over parties breaking lockdown laws so recently made, civil servants were used as scapegoats and made redundant while both the Prime Minister and his Chancellor had been present and were later allowed to get off with a slap on the wrist.

So to Ukraine. Besides holidays in exotic locations no real support has been forthcoming when Russia destroys cities with impunity. I realise it is a delicate situation but to claim it as a victory for the current government is a total distortion. How often had we heard President Zelensky asking for weapons during the annihilation of Mariupol. Now city after city are destroyed utterly, civilian habitations, hospitals, schools, churches. Russia does not care.

So in this three-legged race to praise themselves, in the hope that the British people will quickly forget, it would seem that there is little to praise the current government for at all – or the ministers serving in it.

It would appear that all three legs have been tied up, or tied down, or at least hobbled in such a way as to be unable to take part in any race. But look at them go – at one another mainly. What a legacy.

No mention has been made in this article of the obscenity of reneging on international agreements to welcome refugees to this country and instead to break international law by transporting them to a foreign country. Particularly one known for human rights violations. No mention has been made of the care home crisis where people were not tested for COVID but returned to the care homes to infect the rest of the residents there. No responsibility is being taken for the disastrous crisis in cost of living, of rail dysfunction or inflation.

I see a party in disarray due to the support it has given to a scoundrel who has torn up the understanding of responsibility in public life for his own gratification. To cap it all they expect to elect a new prime minister over whom the general public has no say. Is it any wonder that Wales and Scotland want to be rid of this bunch?

The last thing I would like to draw attention to is the role of the DUP, staunch tory supporters, who, having signed the roll as elected representatives to earn their crust, have refused to form a government or follow parliamentary proceedings there. By hindering the services of a parliament in Northern Ireland they are destroying the nation. They are presumably still being paid – to thwart democracy. My solution to that conundrum would be, not to put it to the people of Northern Ireland again and force a second vote, but simply to refuse payments to those officers who are not prepared to take part in a democratically elected government. The situation is intolerable and not being served either by the DUP or by Westminster.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.