People trafficking – partially

The term has been applied today to the decision by the British government, decried from all quarters, to transport refugees landing illegally in Britain to a hotel in Rwanda.

This has been denounced not only by opposition parties and even those within the ruling conservative party, but also by the Bishops of England, and by the United Nations among others. Somehow the leaders believe they will get away with this inhumane act. One cannot help but wonder what will happen to the people deposited in that foreign land. What the unwritten subtext of the agreement has been.

But to consider the actions of modern warfare methods one has to ask – who benefits from huge refugee populations?

It is clear that the policy of war against Ukraine, as with Syria, has been to create vast numbers of refugees. The systematic destruction of residential areas leaves citizens without homes. Having pommelled these towns to the ground, the armed forces responsible for the destruction then step in and determine the movement of the displaced population.

One headline in a British newspaper the other day read ‘300 000 Ukrainian children kidnapped by Russia’. Of course newspapers are in the business of sensationalism.

Sex-trafficking is a lucrative trade. One report, made more than 10 years ago, stated that a woman was worth £120 000 a year, to the organisation that was trading her. Clearly there is no escape from such a livelihood.

One cannot help but suppose that this figure has increased dramatically since then.

Meanwhile the presence of rape and snuff videos on the internet has grown enormously over the last few years.

The exploitation of countries in the Baltic region, to kidnap women for financial gain, has been closely observed for many years. One has to ask the reason for the ‘close relationship’ between certain nations at this time of crisis.

There is a lucrative trade in human beings. The value of one, throw away humans we can call them, since they are expendable resources for those who trade in them, extends far beyond mere sexual gratification.

The British government has assumed the right to harvest the organs of anyone who dies in Britain, and, typically, invented an excessively roundabout bureaucratic online process, as the option to prevent one’s organs being taken at death. It is necessary to sign up to the policy and then to decline it.

Organs do not remain usable for very long, even when frozen. In my own case the skin that was shaved from my legs to graft on to my back after burns, had a lifespan of a few weeks only. The macabre implications of this fact should be visible to all.

We live in a world of increasing disparity between wealth and poverty. Not wealth in real terms, but merely financially. The global economy is an exploitative system geared to benefit those with great wealth.

The notion of progress forced upon the world is driven by greed.

The idea that television has made the world a richer place is one myth of the modern world. A small group of performers and producers are raised to a level of privilege, but local communities which once held local dances to a local band, or enjoyed amateur dramatics, are destroyed. One has to be privileged to demand organs from those who fall beneath the wheels of commerce. One has to be trained to successfully transplant such organs.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.