As The Elements Take Over

Finding humanity as reticent as some politicians to act responsibly the Earth has taken over the unfoldment of these adventurous times. I mentioned this some weeks ago. In the interim we have seen devastating winds rip through Tennessee, sudden snowfalls in the north west of Canada and the US, unseasonable temperatures across Europe and Britain and plentiful rainfall in the UK. The high winds that accompany the rainfall have threatened the trees, to the extent that the propietors of the Park have taken down a beautiful tall fir outside my window.

What I say is no surprise to anyone, though they may attribute it to different causes than those I adopt. However what follows may sound outrageous to many but I do suggest that you begin to work with the ideas until you are familiar with them and then the actual beings involved. I refer, of course, to the elementals.

As an example let me offer this. When the wind is high and you fear for the trees around you, or the state of your bins or roof tiles, call out to the elementals of the wind itself and ask that they take care around your home. No elemental wants to cause harm to others. That is not their nature.

Similarly if you leave near the sea, or by a river, speak with the water elementals and ask their consideration for your vulnerability. You may even speak with the spirit of the River or the sea, or indeed the wind, Itself. They will respond. Don’t be surprised if you find they are huge compared with yourself.

But it is not only to ask for protection from potential disasters that you may ask the elementals for their help. Every action you undertake, cooking, gardening, sewing, mending pipes, finding things that are lost and on and on. The list is endless.

The role of the elementals and unseen beings has long been a part of folk culture. Fairy tales are ridiculed today and reduced to the realms of fantasy. These have been confused by the promotion of fantastical tales by novelists in every genre, not least of them being science fiction. But the promulgation of horror stories have probably done more to damage the relationship of humans to their imagination.

No less an authority than the poet Keats declared “I am certain of nothing but of the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of Imagination– What the imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth”.

Here I would add the note that there is a difference between the fantasy and the imagination. The fantasy is a strictly personal aspect. It is a reflection of the imagination within the emotional body of the individual, generally coloured by their fears and desires. The imagination is the faculty we each possess which gives us access to the realms of Consciousness, also known as ‘The mind of God’. Not to be confused, though both are infinite.

Reach out to the other lives that surround us and above all don’t forget to thank the unseen ones for the help they have given you. Spread joy, for they respond to the emotions of people. As you become more familiar with the act of thanking and asking for their help so they will grow more confident in helping you.

If you wish to become more familiar with them then read the fairy stories and folk tales of the world. They may be called by many names but don’t mistake them for unreal. Probably the best account, certainly that which speaks most directly to me from the heart of that kingdom is ‘A Field Guide to the Little People’ by Nancy Arrowsmith. She has done extensive research from all over Europe and gathered it together in the book with short illustrative tales of the work each of them does and how they should be respected.

In some cultures these beings are still known and held dear. It is only in the cynical western commercial cultures that they have become ignored and mythologised.

Good luck with your friendships and don’t forget to smile to the rest of the world.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.