The Earth is taking over

Following the rather nebulous COP26 I was told not to worry ‘the Earth is taking over now’. This morning, at around 7.45 GMT, there was a total eclipse of the Sun visible only at the South Pole. At the same time Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, the age (and mentality) that is passing, began its forward passage after months of retrograde motion. This is not an unusual event. It happens every year. What makes it significant is the coincidence with the total eclipse.

The Earth taking over, following the lack of action by humanity to tackle the problems, may be seen in the form of the Storm Arwen which has left many homes in Britain without electricity. (If you are reading this in another part of the world no doubt you will be able to see other signs of ‘Earth taking a hand in affairs’.) Electricity and its productions is one of the most destructive forces the industrial age has given us. Along with the internal combustion engine which is vilified in the press as a major contributor to the CO2 problem, and this given as the singular cause of global warming. But our technological industry runs on electricity, and it is this, in the form of the massive generators of a national grid, that causes me concern.

We send powerful, coarse magnetic circuits over fields and forests, ignorant of the harm they may be doing to the environment. Commerce seems set on generating more national networks and providing every last home with electricity so they too can become part of the global economy, run and directed, or some would say misdirected, by commerce. What is commerce? In this instance commerce is trade in arms and weapons, the drugs trade, the sex trade, euphemistically called the entertainment industry, as well as the production and manufacture of various goods and services, which are then blown out of proportion by the slavishly minded advertising industry and leapt on by the media, since adverts pay the costs of so much that is offered to the public as unbiased, objective and demand driven entertainment shows. But were it truly demand driven then we would have daily showings of public executions, public torture and a variety of other programmes which currently are only available on the internet. Finally society – that is to say governments – is waking up to the dangers of exposing young children 10 years old to the superabundance of pornography as routine sex education.

So where does electricity come into this. The subtle layers of life which hold and nourish the heavier, grosser and larger life forms, namely humans and animals in the main, but other creatures as well of course, are formed on a bed of very subtle magnetic flows and webs. The young of insects live in cocoons of the most subtle of energy fields, vital fluid albumen which is susceptible to the mildest tremors in the magnetic fields. These are infinitely more subtle than the coarse magnetic throbbing fields we drive around the countryside. I am not referring here to the generating stations but to the actual wires that carry the power from one location to another. They burn.

What are they burning? The very fabric which holds and sustains life, especially at its most vulnerable levels. These are called, in occult science, the etheric layers of the Earth. Every body, whether human or planetary, has a network of subtle bodies which are built up on increasingly coarse magnetic fields. If we were to isolate a single cell and trace its magnetic field we would find it is very feint, compared to the instruments we have yet developed to trace the more subtle energy exchanges.

It has been established that plants respond to a change in the etheric fields in the experiments which demonstrated a response from plants subjected to the immersion of prawns in boiling water. It is very easy to become sentimental about this and declare the plants are horrified at the wanton destruction of living creatures – they would not act in such a way. The alternative is to declare that the plants respond to a change in the etheric fields caused by the implosion of energy from the creatures which have thus been destroyed.

None of this is taken into account when building Hydroelectric dams, that destroy the ecology of the river. It is important to understand that a river is an ecology of life from its mouth in the ocean to its first springing into being in the mountains at its source. Commerce, as described above, gaily goes on building river stemming dams and wonders why the effects are felt downstream. But it doesn’t care. It is making money, the end goal of the ‘global economy’. When does this become transglobal? Who is paying for the exploration of Space if it is not the millions of us who pay our taxes through commodities and direct governmental demands?

So since we cannot envisage a future without electricity what’s to be done? Already exciting prospects of solar produced electricity are being marketed in expanding networks that flow from one village to another. The Earthshot Prize has exposed some of these new technologies. My answer is simple. End the national network aspirations and the greed for more money and control, and work from the image of local. Let each village be responsible for its own energy supply, and indeed the majority of its economy, producing its own food, sharing local knowledge and wisdom as part and parcel of the education for growing children and lets move to a craft based, not a money based, economy. Money makes everyone poor.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.