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Watching the series of Earthshot programmes by the BBC a few days ago I saw an initiative that uses Black Soldier Fly larvae as a protein rich source of fertilizer for farmers, and fodder for animals. I was concerned as all I could see on the website spoke in clinical terms of the processes involved. Number of days to achieve full growth, protein rich outcomes etc. I emailed to ask if the creatures were in an active phase when they were ‘harvested’. Eventually I had a reply which apologised for the delay and declared that yes the creatures were in an active, not a dormant phase. Here is the reply I sent them this afternoon.

“Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your reply.

It is as I feared, that you begin the process too early when the maggots are in their active phase. This is unnecessarily cruel of you and incurs a tremendous karmic debt both for yourselves, your company, and the human race as a whole, being another example of humanity making war with Nature, instead of, as no doubt your intention is, co-operating with her.

It is essential to understand that each maggot is an individuated consciousness, as you are yourself. While they are in an active state they maintain an individual awareness. However, in the life of insects there comes a dormant phase in which the immature form dissolves into a liquid mass prior to adopting the adult form.

At this stage the individual consciousness is sublimated into a phase of union with the soul of the instance, in this case the Black Soldier Fly Deva. At this stage Consciousness is as remote from the physical form as it will become. This allows for a much less karmically detrimental intervention as the creature is in a condition of blissful union with its source.

Consider the growth of the maggot – munch, munch, munch, scoff, scoff, scoff, gobble, gobble, gobble – aaahhhhh – as it ‘falls asleep’, to dream of its heroic form, the adult black soldier fly. This dream brings about the crystallisation of the adult form in its chrysalis.

I am suggesting that if you were to mill the dormant casks at this stage it would result in a protein rich soup which could be dried – probably at a lower temperature than currently employed – to give you the yield you desire with no suffering to any individual creatures that your current process demands, and consequently no detrimental karmic debt incurred.

I hope this will prove useful to you in the development of your company.

I remain your humble servant.”

As indeed a humble servant to all life. It hardly needs saying that I am not at all sure about this process of harvesting living things to produce fertiliser, but this at least will be less stressful for the species as a whole than that currently employed. Nothing living likes to be burned alive. Yet it seems as if humanity is determined that everything will shortly experience this.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.