Let Us Consider …

That we are the only planet in the whole wide universe that has life on it. This must surely place a great responsibility upon each of us, but especially upon the shoulders of those who determine the course of cultural unfoldment and, in particular, the commercial exploitation of the planet we all call home. Perhaps those who handle tremendous wealth, deciding whether a country will have an income in ‘the global market’ or not, focus entirely upon how to increase the wealth and income of their particular conglomerate. Maybe they don’t pay attention to the needs of the Orang utans, for example, who are losing their habitat to provide unhealthy snack foods for the prosperous North and West, while doctors preach about the problems of obesity in the affluent west. Or on the diversity of trees in the Amazon forest – other than as it may provide them with a higher income than were they to provide some less rare material.

It would certainly appear to be the case that the Oceans represent a free for all to suck out of the seas all of the living creatures that have evolved through millennia as long and longer than humanity has occupied a place at the table.

Nature is a great feast. We know this. But the way humanity chooses to use only the choicest of cutlets to feed itself with cut price ready meals on countless supermarket stores around the world demonstrates that, while the great economists may understand the nature of pricing, they know nothing of the laws of sustenance, whether nutritionally or ecologically.

When the fish are gone they will be gone. No amount of attempts by humanity to reintroduce them to seas now barren of their ancient species will return to the oceans that life that at the moment struggles to survive in the face of massive over-exploitation and factory ships that hoover up every living thing and turn it into fertilizer, if it cannot be recognised and tinned. How soon before species are lost to the recognition of the ordinary buyer and ‘white fish’ or red, replace the names we once knew. Herring, Cod, Mackerel, Haddock. Only juveniles remain!

In the 1960s the Hungarian tradition of hurdy-gurdy playing was reduced to a single man. Fortunately he had several pupils who took on the instrument and kept the tradition alive. But we have to say they kept alive only the techniques they had learned from him, or perhaps others they discovered for themselves. Other players with their own regional styles were long gone and lost and in a sense a new tradition of hurdy-gurdy playing in Hungary developed. Consider the situation of regional styles in Irish music that disappeared through the dominance of Michael Coleman whose recordings made famous a particular style of playing. Other styles were lost before this onslaught of the recorded renditions of tunes. That the man was a genius is not in question. Only that once lost a thing – whether it is a style or a species – can never be refound.

To those who claim that ‘we have the eggs and sperm of all the species’ I would say only this. The embryos of a species do not carry the culture of that species. And for those who would argue that species other than human have no culture I say you speak from ignorance, not insight.

But let us not dwell on this perspective alone. Let us adopt an alternative view of life on Earth.

Let us consider that we are simply a benighted planet lost in the darkness of our own introspection and that we are visited on a daily basis by civilisations that cross the stars to get here. It is in the interest of the politicians of the Earth to deny the existence of UFOs and thus of other life forms. Or at least it has seemed so to some. But, like the sun, UFOs don’t shine on some and not on others. But expose themselves to all and any.

While commercial exploitation of the dwindling resources of humankind suggest the way of the future is through ‘space exploration’ and exorbitant fees are charged by those who have access to the machines needed to propel the unlikely customer out to the edges of the atmosphere, it is evident that already a galactic civilisation, or indeed many Galactic Civilisations exist with machinery of a far more sophisticated nature than any attempts we make to build rooms that can float in the upper air for a day or two before crashing back to Earth. Each time we puncture the sky with these bullets we rend a further hole in the upper atmosphere. Let me unfold that thought.

The air has existed in stratified layers for millennia undisturbed by anything more than the flight of birds or butterflies. Do I hear descension claiming that I have said the planet is visited by intergalactic travellers. Well let us deal with that later. For the moment it is evident to even the lamest among us that the atmosphere is stratified. We can even see it in the clouds themselves. Some fly very high and thin wisps of clouds are seen on bright summers days. Other clouds lie low across the land, sometimes even enveloping the hills themselves. It is clear that these move across the land, independently of the movement of the land beneath them.

Just so with those greater layers which make up the atmosphere as a whole, these surfaces move at varying rates dragged by the turning of the planet below them. When we send a rocket up from a given point on the Earth’s surface we do not puncture the same part of those sheaths each time, because they are in motion. Each time we tear another hole in the skin of the air that protects the planet beneath it. These punctures weaken the integrity of the whole skin of sheaths that protect us from all sorts of nasties, not least of all radiations that we have not formerly met with so strongly.

Astronomers speak of Mars as having only a thin atmosphere. Some suggest that some planets and satellites have lost their atmosphere, that it has been torn away from them.

As we puncture the skies with our rockets we place ourselves in danger of entirely ripping the air strata and finding the atmosphere bleed away from the planet at the mercy of those other forces which play upon the system as a whole.

To return to the vexed question of ‘so what about alien visitors in their craft? Aren’t they also puncturing the skies?’ I have said before that it is clear those craft which cross inter-stellar space cannot be powered, as our craft are, by consumable fuels. There are no filling stations in Space. They are therefore travelling on something else which we can conjecture and name as etheric energy fields, or magnetic waves or lines and begin to explore again the ancient wisdoms that remain concerning leylines and other geomantic sciences. Simply said these craft do not puncture the air because they are travelling on waves of harmony and that harmony is such as allows the movement across thresholds by virtue of the sophisticated laws of motion and magnetism they employ.

All too far-fetched?

Oh well, feed your children on human infallibility and superiority, until all life is subjected to your understanding. I hardly need mention that end will come soon.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.