Armageddon or Universal Civilisation

Let us suppose that the Earth has been visited by UFO’s – craft originating in some other location than the Earth herself. We must conclude that those visiting – recognising there may be more than one source for these visitors – have conquered Space travel. Since the visits are often disputed -some people of high integrity identifying and seeing the craft and others denying their existence, possibly due to a political motivation, but possibly because they have not themselves been able to see the craft – we might conclude that the craft themselves have some form of cloaking capability.

So, all of these provisos taken into consideration the question remains, why are some parts of humanity spending huge amounts of money- and finite resources – to develop a technology which already exists? In brief there is a Galactic civilisation which exists and to which we are returning members, yet those who are developing ‘commercial space flights’, for the ultra wealthy it has to be stated, are actively holding back the acceptance of Earthly humanity into the Galactic fraternity from which we stepped away such a short time ago.

Let us be clear the starlink initiative is being sold to us as ‘a communications network that will surround the planet and allow 5g coverage of the entire globe’. But we would be fools to accept that this is the primary purpose of the project. It is clearly a massive military coup to have a global network with which to survey the planet. We are already shown satellite images that identify single houses, if not the people supping tea within them. We can be sure that we are not shown the fullest precision of such networks as is available to those who have subversively developed them.

Meanwhile the atmosphere is damaged by the use of bullet powered rocketships, piercing the protective layers of that most wonderful of things, which has sheltered us throughout the course of our evolution on Earth. Clearly oil powered, that is to say, chemically driven, vehicles are not the solution to inter-stellar travel. There are no filling stations en route to the stars.

So we are looking at a military development for the purposes of controlling humanity. Those obsessed with ‘power’, to the extent they have even made God a being of POWER, as if the planets were held in place by an act of WILL, – and God Said ‘Time to go. Lights!’ – maintain their power by causing division between human beings. Sell them arms that they may begin to kill each other and then suppress the killing by using even greater force to subdue those elements chosen to be vilified. I do not wish to suggest that wars did not exist prior to the Bible and its ‘all-conquering heroes’. Far from it. I do wish to suggest that if we are to seek membership of the greater galactic family this is not the way we will accomplish it.

But why, the question is asked, should we wish to join that fellowship when we hold all the resources of Earth in our hands? Well indeed why would anyone want to surrender their wealth for the advancement of humanity as a whole?

So we see the loss of freedom in Afghanistan as the latest tragedy humanity is foisting on itself as the powers that be, who could have prevented the disaster which is unfolding there for many and untold suffering for others, desert their allies and renege on their promises.

We are a morally bereft civilisation I fear. So focused upon our own limited interests that the concept of a fellowship and civilisation which extends beyond the boundaries of the Solar System is unthinkable. It is just too big for most minds to grasp. For others it holds no interest since it does not permit their self-importance to grow in accordance with their desires. But, since those are the same ones that control the media, they foist upon us the notion that ‘science is making tremendous progress in all fields’ when already a civilisation exists that has extended beyond the history – even of the Earth herself- to which we are, should we be inclined, welcome to join. If we will only use our Will correctly and direct it to our own lives, instead of into the world and upon others.

Each person is an instrument of the Divine Will. Each individual is possessed of a Will which in origin is Divine. Be brave and give it back to the Divine, in gratitude and confusion. “This is yours. I don’t know how to use it. Please accept this gift and with it myself, that I may serve you more perfectly in this world.”

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.