Honour Thy Father And Thy Mother.

As the population of the Earth suffers a pandemic manufactured in the labs of Hunan province China, the armed forces stealthily build a strategic satellite net around the planet. They seem to be of the opinion that humanity needs to be trapped in and pour the resources of the world – surely those belong to the planet and not any individual, company or person alike – into creating a barbed net around the planet in case anyone escapes detection.

They refuse to believe that the Earth is part of a dual system with the Moon and think you can safely place a shell between the womb and the embryo in this life sustaining system. As the months go by, tides flowing in and out lulling the Earth with their song, these madmen and women, obsessed by their own power and wealth, identifying wealth as power and power as God, go on puncturing the atmosphere to lay another road of steel around the girth of the planet.

This they say is to allow for 5G wifi access anywhere in the world – like, yeah we’re gonna buy that – while for the canny there is the obvious military advantage to seeing into everyone’s backpocket.

But they seem to think that spraying the planet with further electromagnetic signals – already burning the forests of the Earth to cinders, the oxygen factories for the planet – will bring some bias in the political domination race.

Keep feeding the people the idea that ‘democracy’ means they have a say in what goes on, when they can’t even determine the rules laid down by the local council, and feed them on cheap steak and all will be well. The people won’t ask what’s going on over their heads. But here’s the rub.

It is not over their heads when the trees outside your home, a home your family has lived in for generations, are bursting into flames because some lack of insight, or carelessness, on the part of the military minded is pushing the micro-wave generation into extinction – along with koala bears, brown bears, squids, oysters and coral.

I cannot say it loud enough. Controlling carbon-dioxide emissions is a blind to the very much more dangerous and real threat posed by mobile phone networks, tv satellite stations, and general broadband – all the toys the kids like to play with – CO2 is as nothing in this fight against global warming. What does it matter how much CO2 there is when some other idiot is steadily roasting mother earth?

I was once asked – do you know how a microwave oven works? I said ‘Yes. By frightening the water.’ ‘Well you’re almost right,’ he said, ‘it is by rapidly reversing the polarity of the magnetic field around the food.’ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘frightening the water.’

But mine is a little voice, speaking in defence of the insect’s babies, and the chicks in their eggs. You have poisoned their brothers and mothers with insecticides and growth hormones, agricultural products – a thin guise for keeping the arms factories ticking over in the event of an unexpected war, or a planned one – and wonder why Earth is fighting back without quarter to rid herself of this monkey-minded infestation called – wealth and civilisation. Capitalism and criminality I call it. When I don’t call it ignorance and arrogance. Honour your father and your mother – the ancient text declares. Well where is it?

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.