Truth, and the Importance of Honesty

The Good, the True and the Beautiful.

What could be more appropriate at this time of the Olympics, delayed due to Covid, and now playing out without any audience present but the teams themselves. Many upsets, as one after another competitors fall by the wayside, some to the issue of mental health and well being, others to physical setbacks and still more to unexpected newcomers, or those not backed as favourites for the gold of the Games.

The Ancient Greeks claimed that The One could not be named, nor confined by a single description. The One is the source of all we cried. Instead it was given the epithets the Good, the True and the Beautiful. Ours is a true monotheistic belief. Not a trinity of affairs like subverted Christianity declares, in its attempt to subjugate. But a unified source of all, from which all came, and which holds in perfect form the templates of every living thing. The Hindus call it Sat, That, and Satyam, Truth.

That has not changed. Though different religious fads have come and gone. Now we stand on the brink of the New in a way that has never been shared in before. This is not hyperbole – ‘every moment is new’, or anything like that. This is the time of release from the penalty of selfishness the Earth has carried so bravely over the last cycle of time, that has brought us to the brink of extinction, and now that time of enchainment is ended. She rises, and we rise with her. Now duplicity is shown for what it is, a shallow mask of supposed sincerity, while actions speak louder than words.

When Dylan sang ‘The Times They Are A-Changing’, it was this time now he was referring to, whether the poet knew it or not. Now when temperatures are being falsely reported, and enough of us know it as an attempt to stop panic. We enter the time of calamity. Calamity for those who do not know what to do. ‘Business as usual’ doesn’t wash anymore, and those fed on dream careers as pop-stars or sports idols, or simply accountancy and soliciting, as the way to get a head in this world, security for life, are facing the fact that record temperatures are burning up the lands and forests around us.

Now, above all, we stand naked before the Divine. Do you call that Nature? Nature is certainly a Divine Source of Life on this planet, a Divine Mother indeed. Though not that I call The One, from which She too takes Her Being. If we take Her source to be the Sphere of Life, as taught by minds still clear, then Her Name may be Rhea, though not Gaia. And Gaia as a name for Earth again may be mistaken, though She too has her strengths and the power to overthrow this tyrannical egotist who has forgotten his ancient ways of respect and honour. To Honour All Life, not simply his own projected vision of comfort.

This grossly obsessed search for answers, driven by mental projections and translated into economic power – it fades before the strength of wind and water. Where is the gift of insurance when the whole world is flooding? Suddenly policies become null and void, and what does the insurance man feel as he tries to bleed a living out of others? The Native Americans said many years ago white man will find that money is worth nothing in the face of food shortage and water loss. I think the words were ‘he will find he can’t eat gold’.

For those stuck with mortgages and no jobs I sympathise, having met this situation myself when the economy crashed in 2008. For you still hoping to own your own home, know the cards are stacked from the outset, and the dream is a false one. Play your cards right, it is said, and the world is your oyster. Well here’s some news. It’s the oysters’ world as well. Live with integrity and it will be recognised. Don’t mistake those around you as your judges, for God is still present in this world, for all it may appear distorted.

Please understand – each time you dissemble and bluff, it is a denial of Truth and, being a denial of The True, All of Life stands as your Judge, as you push yourself away from The One, the only security in this world or any other.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.