Where is our cool?

I know I have asked the question before but I ask it again now, at a time when it seems most appropriate. The world is suffering a heat wave. Canada recorded a high of 123.9 degrees Fahrenheit (51 C) and three days later 95 % of that town, Lytton, burned down. Britain we are told us has been suffering from 31.5 in places. Oddly my garden thermometer recorded 37 degrees and over 33 on more than one day. They are frightened we will panic. Whomever they are that decide – don’t tell the people the truth but tell them what you want them to hear. Sadly the Truth will out. Sadly for them that is.

My burning question is what use will your money be when the Earth is burning? Don’t you realise that there is no ‘business as usual’ any more? Money has lost its power. Who wants to float around the Moon reflecting on the mess made of this Earth by these ways of greed and power? Nature has taken charge. You can still struggle to build big dams and electric railways and slip a few bucks in your back pocket, but people – really? Beetles are already eating the forests of Canada. Fire is wiping out the ancient forests of California – and what are you doing? Still the mining companies are planning to dig up sacred lands all over the world. Still the railway companies plan to trapse across the migration paths – of the reindeer this time, not the buffalo. Though reindeer is the buffalo to those people. The Earth will not tolerate it. And what response do we get from governments? More and more repressive measures to lock all dissidents away. Where is the honour in refusing entry to Afghan locals who have helped your troops, now that those troops are pulling out? How soon before the death penalty is introduced again?

Or have they done this already through the penal system?

Where will we find cool when all the ice is melted?

Get out into the fields I urge you, people. Grow your own veg, in a big tub if necessary. Get involved in food production. It will bring you such joy to see the little lettuces growing and, your joy being sensed by the elementals and nature all around, you too will begin to rejoice again. At the moment the Earth is angry, even the Sun has lost his patience. You won’t listen. Let us aim to bring happiness back to the hearts of our Parents through gratitude and praise.

Those who see the seventh ray of this ‘new age’ as ‘ceremonial magic’ I have news for you. It is ritual and right living, living life as if it had meaning, not grandiose statements of self importance. I tire of Kabbala and ‘white magic’. This is merely a way of saying you are dissatisfied with God’s Creation. Earth doesn’t want you if you can’t change your attitude. Ownership leads to poverty for all. Give it all away. Put it into the hands of those who do care for the planet. There are many who stand as stewards, and not always those you think. Indigenous people the world over know how to live in their environment, they were taught that by their parents. But when the environment is political hoohaa and solicitors’ double talk what value is that when the forest is burning around you.

I heard a story the other day of a mother who had daily stood on her porch through many years and called out to the spirits of Nature and the forest, in praise and thanks. Her daughter told me the fires which had raged through California that year stopped within meters of their house. The wind just dropped, she said.

Respect is the key, not slick statements that seem to hold such promise and prove only empty in their unfolding.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.