Nature Wags Her Finger

Tut-tutting all the way.

For those who are slow on the uptake Nature has waved Her finger at us. For me the first obvious sign was when the geese brought down the aeroplane in New York Harbour. People thought that was a freak accident, just one of those things that happens. For me I saw clearly that the geese had sacrificed themselves for the sake of life on this planet.

It was not the first time I had seen such a sacrifice on the part of the other lives we share our world with. The seals and reindeer had eaten up the irradiated lichen from the rocks after Chernobyl. But who would credit the geese as being so selfless as to sacrifice some of their number to point out that we are ruining the world for all? As if the geese have not been sacrificing themselves to our grosser appetites for many millennia already.

All I heard from the press was what a marvellous MAN to bring that plane down without loss of life. Then I watched the film Scully and saw the industry’s reaction to sheer bravery and wisdom in action.

So what’s next. We have been sacrificing the forests like there is no tomorrow – which is quite likely if we pursue this dire course of action. So the Earth showed us what life would be like and razed a few forests Herself over summers, one fire after another. Still humanity chose to ignore the situation and continued to strip the remaining forests, our oxygenators, from the soil.

Still deaf and stupid the humans continued to whizz about the planet heedless of any lessons coming from outside. So She hit us next with a disease which robs the body of oxygen. Have you got the lesson yet?

What next might She show us? That we cannot live without water? Industry is creating deserts, in Chile if nowhere else, with its gross pollution and over-use of the remaining water supply. We do nothing to slow the speed of our technological growth down and in doing so increase the heating of the world by irradiating the planetary magnetic fields which have kept us safe for our whole evolution. We are micro-waving ourselves and the first to feel it are the young of the insect realm.

Rush on you idiot species, Life will remain on the planet, but you may not be invited to the party.

Author: Keith Armstrong

Dance teacher, writer, film-maker, educationalist, enthusiast.